A Guide To Melty Blood Type Lumina Noel


Noel is one of the latest Melty Blood characters to be introduced in Type Lumina. She is a neutral fighter who can use her spear to catch her opponents from medium range if they make a mistake. Her toolkit is quite versatile, allowing her to capitalize on knockdown situations in creative ways.

In this Type Lumina guide we will give you all the basics you need to start playing Noel.

What sets Noel apart from the rest of the Type Lumina cast is her neutral-aligned moveset. While her normal and special moves can all be used to great effect from long to medium range, they are fairly limited up close. That means offense isn’t their forte.

However, Noel is a powerhouse of error case-sensitive. She shines by playing the neutral game and waiting for her opponent to make a mistake. You spend most of your turns moving until your opponent tries to attack you. You then use your superior range to confirm a hit from afar and bring the Pain.

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  • Has normals that can dominate the midrange
  • Excellent at capitalizing on neutral errors
  • Can play a slow playstyle unique to Type Lumina
  • Has creative and fun ways to open opponents after knockdown


  • Solid offensive tools are missing
  • Does not have a reliable crossover
  • Many of their normals are slow or insecure

This guide uses standard number pad notation to show movement and directional keys. All movements are written as if performed from the left of the screen.


A normal

  • 5A – Fast normal with above average range. It can deal a decent amount of damage while safely on the block.
  • 2A – Fast, normal with low hitting power and decent range. As a hit-confirmation, it’s not as strong as the 5 version but can lead to quick knockdown situations.
  • Jumping A – Fast launch that can be used to engage opponents in air-to-air situations.
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B Normal

  • 5B – A slow attack that propels Noel forward. It should be used sparingly at close range, except in combos or mix-up situations. This move can be used as an air defense that deals good damage, but the timing is strict.
  • 2B – An odd two-hitter move that doesn’t seem to have much use. The second hit has a decent range, but it takes a while to come out. The first hit feels like it should be an anti-air, but shouldn’t be used that way as it misses most of the time.
  • Jumping B – Fast launch that can be used to engage opponents in air-to-air situations.

C normals

  • 5C – A sweeping move that looks like it’s going to hit deep, but it isn’t. It’s one of Noel’s primary ways of punishing neutral opponents. This move also pulls the opponent in slightly, leading to some advanced mix-up situations.
  • 2C – Similar to the 5 version, this move has good range and can be used to punish neutral mistakes. It is quite insecure, so it should be used consciously.
  • Jumping C – Fast launch that can be used to engage opponents in air-to-air, primarily when the opponent is above Noel.
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command normal

  • 6C – This attack propels Noel forward with a flying kick, which is primarily a combo tool. Don’t idle this away as it’s massively unsafe.
  • 3C – Noel’s launcher, which has good range and can be used as an anti-air for good damage.

special moves

Black Keys (236 + A/B/C)

This special is Noel’s most flexible move thanks to its quick recovery and powerful properties. For starters, they ignore enemy projectiles, meaning they blow right through them and hit the opponent on their recovery.

The air versions of Black Keys all have a large frame advantage when blocking, making them a powerful offensive tool. To take full advantage of this trait, it’s important to learn how to perform the Tiger Knee move so you can throw Black Keys as low to the ground as possible while in the air.

Finally, Black Keys can deal significant damage from most ranges with the C version.

Because of all these benefits, Noel has a limit of 10 Black Keys per spin. They are more than enough as long as you use them with intention.

Severe Punishment (623 + A/B/C)

Another versatile tool in Noel’s arsenal. Severe punishment can be used in several situations. For one thing, it’s a powerful combo tool that can lead to knockdown situations. Additionally, if timed correctly, Heavy Punishment can be used as an air defense, resulting in decent damage.

Finally, the B and B+C versions of this train can act as overheads.

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heavy storm

This is an interesting move for Noel, as it opens up avenues for some advanced mix-up situations thanks to its follow-ups. The initial attack can also bring the opponent closer.

The follow-up attacks all depend on the original Heavy Thrust version. The A version results in a vertical slam, which isn’t overhead but results in a knockdown.

The B version is a series of attacks that can be continued with Black Keys to expand into a combo. Finally, the C version acts as a powerful combo extender, especially in the corner.

What makes this move absolutely dirty is its Moon Drive version because it gains armor. Additionally, it attracts enemies on hit, resulting in some combos that can help you turn the tide.

You can pop MD while neutral, and when your opponent attempts an attack, you can instantly Heavy Thrust to break through their attack and deal significant damage. You can even use this technique against projectiles.


In this section, we’ll look at Noel’s setups, which are situations in which your opponent is forced to guess. If you need an introduction to setups, read this detailed description.

While there is never a definitive list of setups for any character in a fighting game like Melty Blood Type Lumina, there are a few important ones that should be mastered. Noel has three basic setups that you should learn to control as effectively as possible.

Black keys when waking up

Resist the chaos

In fighting game terms, a stall is a move that forces the opponent back to their feet after a flight condition. In Noel’s case, her resistance allows her to either continue her combo or throw her opponent into a mix-up that can result in greater damage.

To execute Noel’s Restand, you must first land a 2C and then immediately abort in Heavy Thrust. Your options after that are as follows:

  • Continue combo if you used the B version
  • throw
  • Neutral jump into a strike or empty jump situation
  • sign
  • Brief delay, then attack to counter high-damage hits

Black keys when waking up

Whenever Noel knocks down an opponent, she has the opportunity to mess them up by using her black keys from the air when waking up. Remember how we said these babes give you a huge advantage on the block? Knockdown is exactly where you want to capitalize on this property.

After knocking down your opponent, wait a bit, then Tiger Knee a Black Key. The timing needs to overlap with the moment they’re no longer invincible, so you’ll probably need to practice this. However, once you get them to block such a black key, it’s your turn and the sky is the limit of what you can do. If the BKs hit the opponent, you can confirm into a combo.

The best place to perform this setup is after any combo that ends in an air throw.

where did she go

where did she go

This last setup might not necessarily be considered essential by some, but it should be as it can be quite awkward. It’s one of the few uses 6C has, as the setup takes advantage of how far it lets Noel fly.

What you need to do is hit the opponent with either a 5C or a 2C from the floor (OTG). After that, immediately run your 6C. Depending on what move you used for OTG, Noel will either land on their right or left, creating an ambiguous situation. Because both 2C and 5C can look similar in the heat of battle, it’s difficult for the enemy to tell which direction you’ll land.


If you’re just starting out with Noel and trying to track her down, you can just use the following combination in most situations:

2A > 2A > 2C > 5C > 623B > 5B > 3C > j.4BBB

The following combos are divided into sections based on which combo opener you use.

An opener

2A > 2A > 2C > 5C > IAD j.CB > 5B~Delay B > 214BB > 214A > 236C/623C/236BC

Requires 1 Magic Circuit and 1 Black Key

2A > 2B > 2C > 5C > 623B > 5B > 214AA > 236C > Dash 3C > jBC > Air Throw

Requires 1 Magic Circuit and 1 Black Key

B opener

5B/2B > 2C > 5C > 623B > 5BXX > j.4BBB

5B/2B > 2C > 5C > 623B > 2B(1)/5B > 214BB > 214AA > 236C > 3C > jBC > Air Throw

Requires 1 Magic Circuit and 1 Black Key

5B/2B > 2C > 5C > 623B > 2B(1)/5B > 214BB > 214AA > 623C > OTG 2C

Requires 1 magic circuit

C opener

2C > 5C > 623B > 5B > Delay 2CXX > j.4BBB

2C > 214B > 5A > 5C > 5B > 2B > 2C2C2C > j.4BBB

2C > 5C > 623B > 5B > Delay 2CX > 214BB > 236C/623C/236BC

Requires 1-3 Magic Circuit (1 black key with 236C)

2C > 6C > 623B > 5B > 236A > 5C > 214BB > 5AX > 623A > 236C/623C/236BC

corner only

Requires 1-3 Magic Circuit (1 black key with 236C)

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