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The world of gaming has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade and has grown exponentially. With more people playing video games than ever before, it’s no surprise the industry is booming. A recent study found that in 2017 there were over 2 billion active gamers worldwide and mobile gaming revenue exceeded $40 billion. What does this mean for Amazon Prime members? That means they can now stream their favorite video game on Twitch!

This article is for you if you are an Amazon Prime member and a Twitch streaming gamer.

Amazon last year announced its plans to expand its on-demand video game streaming service, Twitch, to members of the Amazon Prime program. With more than 100 million monthly active users, it’s clear that live broadcast games are huge and every big company wants a piece of the pie.

Twitch Prime

What exactly is Twitch Prime?

Twitch is a popular video game streaming service. They offer two types of subscriptions, monthly and yearly. The latter includes removing ads on all channels, as well as one free channel subscription per month, giving you access to additional non-gaming content such as cooking shows or anime episodes!. For most people, the main benefit of an Amazon Prime membership is that it comes with free Twitch channel subscriptions to your favorite streamer. You can re-subscribe each month (for free) as long as you have an active Amazon Prime account linked to your Twitch account. You cannot subscribe to Twitch Prime if you already have a paid subscription to your favorite channel.

What’s included with Amazon Prime and Twitch?

-A free monthly subscription to one of the channels that is part of the service (but not all, so don’t assume). This includes both past broadcasts and real-time live streams.

-A rotating selection of five games to download through the Free Games with Prime program. You get access to this collection any time of the month, and there’s no limit to how often you can check out new titles from it, as long as they’re added to the rotation each month – all you need is an active membership. This means you can always play something new without spending any more of your hard-earned cash

Link your Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts

To link Amazon Prime games to Twitch, first sign up for a Twitch account if you don’t already have one. You can do this here:

Once signed in, follow the instructions below to connect your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts. The process is easy with just a few mouse clicks…

– Sign in to your Amazon/Twitch account – Sign out of either one (you will need to sign in again) – Click Link Accounts on Twitch or go there directly by clicking here

If everything is successfully connected, then congratulations! Your channel can now stream live video games via your favorite streaming service while remaining part of the

amazon twitch prime

How to separate Twitch Prime from Amazon Prime?

It is also possible to unlink Amazon Prime from Twitch. Follow the instructions below:

– Sign in to your Amazon/Twitch account – Sign out of either one (you will need to sign in again) – Click “Disconnect” on Twitch or go there directly by clicking here

If everything has been successfully separated, then congratulations! Your channel will no longer be able to stream live video games through your favorite streaming service while remaining part of the program. If you want to reconnect, follow these steps and start over.

How to view your current subscriptions

You can see all the things you’ve viewed and explored at any time just by logging in!

To view your current subscriptions: – Log in to Twitch (or register) – From your dashboard menu, click View.

– You now have a list of the subscription channels you are currently following.

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How to connect Amazon Prime to Twitch via Android smartphone?

– Sign in to your Amazon Prime account via the Twitch app.

– A popup will appear asking if you want to link an existing Amazon Prime account or open a new one. – Select “Existing” and log in to your Amazon Prime accounts on this page by entering your email address, password and two-factor authentication information (if enabled).

– If you have never linked an Amazon Prime account before, Youtube live streaming was shut down on January 15th, 2019! – After logging in, click “Save” after selecting “Yes, I’m sure”. This completes the steps to link an Amazon Prime Gaming & Twitch to an Android smartphone…

We hope this article has helped with any questions or ambiguities regarding these services. If not, contact us today for further assistance!

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