Amazon to host another multi-title Mobile Masters tournament


Amazon is bringing back its esports tournament Mobile Masters this year on 23./24. The event will be hosted and broadcast from Amazon’s Seattle based streaming studio.

Amazon recently launched a competitive gaming service called Continue to play, and it is used to host select titles of the qualifiers to be played at the tournament. There is a total prize pool of $100,000 (£73,203.50) up for grabs.

Mobile Masters

Marja Koopmans, Director of Amazon Competitive Gaming had the following to say about the tournament: “Speaking to nWay and Game Insight, we realized that both developers are looking for ways to scale their competitive play. With GameOn, they can now run qualifier tournaments around the world for Mobile Masters, identify the best players in their games, award prizes to participants, and nurture talent to create a stronger sense of community. We are very excited to help these developers realize their vision and host their top players at Mobile Masters this summer.”

Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay commented in a statement, “Amazon’s Mobile Masters phase has given us a boost to break into the esports space. Now that we’ve integrated GameOn into Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, we’re already seeing significant growth in community engagement, with our average weekly game time increasing by 28%. We have also increased fans’ interest in contests and the opportunity to win real prizes. This is an incredible innovation that brings the physical and digital worlds together in a way that takes competitive mobile gaming to another level.”

mobile games Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, survival arena, World of Tanks Blitzand critical operations All featured games will be at the Mobile Masters, open to both amateur and professional players. The first two titles mentioned will have qualifying tournaments in the prelims allowing players to book their place in the Mobile Masters: the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars qualifiers are scheduled for May 5-13, while the Survival Arena from May 14th to 21st. The teams and players competing for all titles will be announced towards the end of the month.

Anatoly Ropotov, CEO of Game Insight added, “Survival Arena is based on tournament play and Mobile Masters is an incredible way to celebrate our top players. By running qualifiers through GameOn, we’ll be able to identify the players who will earn their place in Seattle, where we’ll find out who really has what it takes to survive. Amazon has shown a tremendous commitment to the competitive gaming scene, and with events like Mobile Masters and services like GameOn, they continue to demonstrate that investment.”

Amazon has a dedicated Mobile Masters section on its website where you can register for the qualifiers.

Esports Insider says: The return of Mobile Masters is practically proof that Amazon has seen it as a success over the past year, which is encouraging for mobile esports. Adding more titles and increasing the prize pool is a good move, we just hope Amazon does a little more promotion for it themselves.

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