Arena of Valor expands esports ecosystem to include Honor of Kings teams


Mobile MOBA game Arena of valor has expanded its esports ecosystem to make this possible Honor of kings Teams in the 2022 Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC).

According to the publication, the combination of both titles is intended to strengthen global competition within the scenes.

Arena of valor
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Honor of Kings was developed in 2015 and is a mobile multiplayer title published by Tencent Games for the Chinese market. Arena of Valor is the international adaptation of Honor of Kings, which was released a year later.

The AWC will include teams from Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East and Europe. Full details of how to qualify for the tournament are yet to be announced, however Tencent Games has confirmed that the AWC will be using a specific eSports version of the title.

The eSports version of Arena of Valor is designed to “ensure fair, balanced and exciting competition” and will feature a mix of heroes from both games.

Bernd Gottsmann, Head of the Global Esports Center at Tencent Games, commented, “As we reach Arena of Valor Esports five years ago, our expansion of the competitive ecosystem is an ambitious plan for the 2022 Arena of Valor World Cup.

“We are combining Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings for the first time and look forward to sharing more details shortly on how teams can qualify. The Arena of Valor community and player base are so passionate about it, and that’s why we wanted to create something that really takes the competitive experience to a whole new level. “

The AWC, due to take place in October 2022, will offer 16 group stage spots and a prize pool of “over $ 8 million (~ £ 5.8 million),” according to the press release. The title’s eSports expansion will also include a reorganization of the schedule and tournament structure. The new system, which will affect local to regional professional leagues, is intended to give top teams the opportunity to compete for a place at the AWC.

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A full competition roadmap, details on the new leagues and an update on the Arena of Valor International Championship will be received in the next few months.

Esports Insider Says: The combination of Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor should only strengthen the competitive ecosystem of both titles as long as the merger is carried out effectively. It’s important to make the expansion seamless, especially from a competitive perspective, so that it doesn’t negatively impact the gaming experience of both titles. If success has proven successful, it is very likely that Tencent will take a similar approach when it comes to TeamFight Tactics and its Chinese adaptation.

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