Battlefield Mobile: Everything You Need to Know About


Let’s forget the shocking release of Battlefield 2042 for a moment and look at something more promising. In 2021, EA announced Battlefield Mobile, an upcoming handheld adventure firmly set in the overarching Battlefield universe. It’s the first of its kind and given the recent boom in mobile gaming popularity, many fans are excited for the upcoming launch. We are here today to discuss everything you need to know about Battlefield Mobile.

Currently, the Battlefield Mobile release date is relatively unknown, but it is highly expected to launch in 2022. First, Battlefield Mobile must go through the testing phases – starting with alpha, then beta, and finally full release. There is an urgent need to avoid a repeat of Battlefield 2042, so EA will not want to release it Battlefield Mobile until it is as polished as possible.

What is Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield Mobile Classes

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Battlefield Mobile is an iOS and Android based playset in the Battlefield universe. It’s a collaboration between multiple studios within EA and is very reminiscent of older titles like Battlefield 3. In fact, there are maps straight out of this everyone’s favorite release that have been recreated and redesigned for Battlefield Mobile. Since 2011, Battlefield 3 has been a fan favorite, and it’s something of a service for EA to revive old maps outside of Battlefield 2042’s portal mode.

However, there are promises that both new and iconic content drops will take place Battlefield Mobile roadmap rolls out. If you check the Google Play listing, there are statements that suggest we’ll “see maps and modes that are both new and familiar to experienced players.” It’s a bold project, especially since Battlefield Mobile is said to offer better destruction and more intense battles than Battlefield 2042.

but How much will Battlefield Mobile cost??

Battlefield Mobile will be free to play, with optional skins and Battle Passes as standard. That’s how the free-to-play world moves these days, and it’s totally acceptable that EA is pushing this model. It’s a pure multiplayer game that will look and feel amazing when played on high-end mobile devices.

When is the Battlefield Mobile Beta?

As Battlefield Mobile is tested, multiple beta phases will be rolled out in different regions of the world. There’s no real way of knowing which region will be next, but you can pre-register to gain access to a future phase. It’s as easy as registering on Google Play and if you’re lucky you’ll be contacted to take part Battlefield Mobile Beta as soon as it is available in your region.

Will Battlefield Mobile be a success?

It’s hard to say if Battlefield Mobile will be a success, but for now all signs are positive. There’s very little Battlefield Mobile gameplay content to digest right now, so we’re left with the impressions of those who’ve tried out the alpha and beta products.

Supposedly when Battlefield Mobile Releases, it will only come with Grand Bazaar as a map and it will feature the flagship Conquest game mode. Therefore, we can expect the large-scale vehicular combat we all know and love from the Battlefield franchise.

We could possibly see Battlefield Mobile Sports open in the future? Will this be EA’s most successful Battlefield title in years?

Let’s wait and see. In the meantime, should we move away from Battlefield 2042 entirely?

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