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Even though the Nintendo Switch is fully portable, the DS handheld consoles are still very attractive. A key difference is the games available as many of them are exclusives so here we bring you the best 3DS games available in 2019.

While some of Nintendo’s mainline console games have been ported to the DS line, many of the best DS games have been developed specifically for the platform. You can play all these games on the 3DS or 2DS and we haven’t put them in any particular order, it depends on what kind of game you like. We will also be adding more very soon.

And if you don’t already have a 3DS, check out our 3DS buying guide to help you choose the right console for you. Nintendo may be working on one N64 Classic Mini.

The best Nintendo 3DS games of 2019

Pokemon sun and moon

While we’re keen on a Pokémon game for the Switch, the franchise has always centered around the traditional handheld console.

In short, we love Pokemon Sun and Moon. Partly because it solved some of the issues we had with previous games, let’s talk about little things like HMs and the PokéMart in the PokéCenter.

As usual, the game is great for players of all ages, and we’re enjoying the way the game is broken up into different islands, varied Tials, and the awesome new Alola versions of Pokemon like Vulpix, Sandshrew, and Raichu.

There are many new features including the Poké Finder, Z Moves, Battle Royale, Poké Ride, Hyper Training, Poké Polago, and the Red Pokédex.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes

The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes

We enjoyed playing A Link Between Worlds very much and you should play it too, but Tri-Force Heroes is the latest Zelda game for DS and a perfect choice for those who like adventure and puzzle games.

The story is still the same – yes, Princess Zelda needs to be rescued once again – but instead of Link being able to move around walls like a painting, you can summon a total of three characters who then have to work together to solve the puzzles.

The ability to control three characters offers a new way to play, and you can even stack them like a totem if needed. You can do this in co-op style with your friends or in single player mode.

Always oasis

Ever Oasis comes from the team behind The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and it shows. This 3DS game can be seen as a cross between Zelda and Animal Crossing. This might sound a little strange to some, but it totally works.

You get the casual gameplay of managing a town and interacting with its residents like AC, but that can get a little tedious after a while, so the added thrill of Zelda-like adventure adds momentum.

In Ever Oasis, you must team up your villagers and work together to complete quests. You can quickly switch between characters in real-time, each with their own weapons and moves.

There are plenty of puzzles, battles, and dungeons to keep you interested.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

This is the second classic side scrolling style game specially developed for 3DS and 2DS. Who knows where number 3 is in the series but this version is worth owning.

We’re not sure we could ever get bored of side scrolling Mario games and this has plenty to keep you entertained, starting with over 80 levels. You get the usual amount of secret items to uncover.

The game is mostly about the coins as you can collect a whopping one million. The gold flower power-up means you can shoot golden fireballs at enemies and turn them into coins. You can also turn 10-coin clocks into special gold blocks that Mario’s head can carry to collect coins until the power-up runs out.

It’s all classic Mario fun.

Hello Pikmin!

The cute little creatures that are Pikmin have been around for over a decade now, but they’ve finally made their way to the DS.

Hello Pikmin! is the first title in the series to be portable and sees the return of Captain Olimar, who once again needs help repairing his spaceship.

It may not be a flawless game, but you’ll still have fun and it’s a good choice for younger players. The game is a side scrolling platformer that you can casually play level by level.

The most fun is to hurl Pikmin at enemies using the touch screen, but you’ll also need them to solve the puzzles in each level. Different colored Pikmin have different abilities like higher jumps, while others are immune to fire.

Mario Golf World Tour

Mario Golf games have been great fun since the original on the Game Boy and N64 and we highly recommend World Tour.

Basically, Nintendo brings the kind of fun to golf that means you don’t have to care about the sport to enjoy playing it. With over 200 holes on more than 15 courses, you won’t get bored.

World Tour may not have all the features of previous titles, but introduces a number of new features. This includes gyroscope support, online multiplayer and downloadable content such as N64 courses.

We especially like item shots, where different items can do all sorts of things with your shot, such as: B. Ignore the weather, avoid dangers and collect coins.

Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations is without a doubt the best of the series. It retains the familiar quest-based gameplay, with increasingly tricky creatures to kill or capture. You have to work on your weapon trees and armor sets, gather materials and much more.

Along with the same 14 weapon types, there are four hunting arts to try, and each works differently with each weapon type, so you’ll never get bored of going into battle. The new Prowler mode means you can actually play as your Felyne.

In addition to the new monsters, there are now variant monsters to conquer, some of which are mutated and more powerful forms of creatures from previous games.

Monster Hunter is great when you’re a solo player, but even more so when you’re teaming up with up to four players.

Super Mario Maker 3DS

This is a port from the Wii U, but it’s worth getting for the DS, especially if you haven’t played the console version.

Without creating your own courses, there are 100 courses designed by Nintendo and you will be challenged in various ways such as: B. by trying to complete a level without giving up the right to make Mario run.

If you want to create your own, you get all the tools from the Wii U version (apart from the Mystery Mushroom and linked Mario costumes) and you can make a course as simple or as complex as you like. If you wish, you can share your masterpiece with the world and also face other players’ self-made levels.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

We love a good virtual brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS certainly is. If you like fighting games then this is a must have for your DS collection.

Simply put, the game is a chaotic battle between characters from across the Nintendo universe including Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby and more. You can customize aspects to suit your playstyle and fight against AI or friends via local or internet methods.

There are many levels, amiibo support, and an exclusive Smash Run mode that gives up to four players five minutes to fight alone through a massive battlefield to see who can get furthest.

Animal crossing new leaf

The Animal Crossing games aren’t for everyone, but if you like casual, no-pressure gaming then give it a try.

In New Leaf you are the mayor of the city, so you can use your powers to determine what happens and how the city develops. Some players may find it odd, but others will love that Animal Crossing has no objectives, bosses, or even an ending.

It’s kind of like Nintendo’s version of The Sims and you’re free to roam and do whatever you want. There are tours and mini-games that you can play alone or with friends. Use StreetPass and even visit other people’s cities.

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

There might be a new Professor Layton game in July, but that doesn’t make this game any less attractive.

As the name suggests, there’s more to this than just the professor, and when Espella is kidnapped, both Layton and Wright end up in Labyrinthia. The professor and the lawyer must join forces to save her.

The game combines the puzzles you would expect but adds the ability to defend Espella in court. You have to switch between playstyles and there are hint coins to help you along. It’s another cracker from the franchise.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Our list of the best 3DS games wouldn’t be complete without Kirby. Ever since Dream Land on the Game Boy, we’ve had fun playing games featuring the lovable pink ball.

The latest escapade is Planet Robobot, where Kirby travels through the phases by jumping between foreground and background and using more than 25 copy abilities to steal enemies’ powers. And yes, he can use an awesome armored suit like D.Va from Overwatch.

There’s ammibo support too, and you can play Team Kirby Clash mode with up to four people to complete quests.

Mario Kart 7

The series needs a new version for the DS, but until then, Mario Kart 7 is the best racing game available for the DS.

It was the game Mario Kart that introduced glider wings and underwater propellers that are so well known today. You can also customize your kart with different wheels depending on the tracks you will be tackling.

Other features include new courses such as Wuhu Island, SpotPass and StreetPass, as well as the ability to play multiplayer locally or over the internet. New characters in Mario Kart 7 include Lakitu and Metal Mario. Don’t forget to check out the Balloon Battle and Coin Battle modes as well.

Luigi's mansion 2

The Nintendo universe isn’t all about Mario, and over the years Luigi has starred in his own games, though not many.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 is the latest for the DS consoles, and while the man in green is a bit scared, he’s up to the task of sorting out some ghosts with his “Poltergust” vacuum cleaner.

The pace is slow, especially compared to side-scrolling Mario games, but there’s plenty of adventure and puzzles. There are secrets to be discovered, trickier enemies, and a multiplayer mode that pits up to four players against a creature-filled skyscraper.

Mario Party Star Rush

Forget trading property in Monopoly, although a Switch edition is coming, because Nintendo makes great board games.

As usual, you play on different boards in different worlds, but you no longer have to sit around waiting for each game to take its turn. Instead, you play them all at the same time, which becomes smoother and more fun.

Plenty of minigames, board bosses await you and now you can almost collect players from the Mario universe while walking around to form a team. You’ll no doubt have lots of fun competing with up to four players over local Wi-Fi or Download Play.

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