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Whether you’re looking for a razor to leave a few stubble, give you the perfect close shave, shave your whole head, or go landscaping further south, you’ll find the right option.

All of the following razors were taken home by a and tested technical consultant Author and honestly reviewed. We explain the characteristics of each product, inform you about battery life, charging time and charging methods and give a comprehensive overview of their strengths and weaknesses. Summaries are below and full reviews are just a click away.

The best reviews for electric shavers

Philips OneBlade – Best Electric Shaver

Philips OneBlade

  • advantages
    • Effective
    • Slim
    • Versatile
    • Affordable
  • disadvantage
    • It takes 8 hours to fully charge
    • Not the most attractive design

The Philips OneBlade is as perfect as it gets. Plug in a micro USB port and speed up the charging time and I’d call it flawless, but as it is I don’t see any good reason not to really recommend this shaver to anyone.

With three stubble combs standard and the option for a dedicated body blade, this one razor can cover clean shaving, stylish stubble or grooming, all in an incredibly portable form factor. It is light, powerful and gives you an excellent shave even in difficult areas like the jaw.

All that and it’s also one of the cheapest electric shavers on the market. Despite having to replace the blades every few months, at almost £10/$10 each it’s still cheaper than most shaving solutions.

BaByliss Super-X Metal Series – Best High End Buy

BaByliss Super-X metal hair clipper

  • advantages
    • Impressive performance
    • Precise care
    • High quality
    • Long battery life
  • disadvantage
    • Heavy
    • Plastic stand
    • USB-C charging would be ideal

The Super X-Metal series is a set of professional hair clippers for home use. It is suitable for both beards and hair and comes with ear cone guides.

There are many design touches that make it clear that this is a high-quality device. It features a powerful motor and is partially constructed from precision-machined Japanese steel. It also features an LED indicator for battery life and charging time. It has a battery life of 3 hours, but if you need it in a hurry you get 20 minutes of use for 20 minutes plugged in.

Still, its premium materials make it heavy.

If you travel often, you’ll appreciate the micro USB port at the base, allowing you to leave the plastic stand at home.

Remington G4 Graphite – Most versatile razor

Remington G4 Graphite

If you’re looking for a trimmer that can do almost anything but don’t want to spend too much, the Remington G4 Graphite is for you.

The design and build is solid and the interchangeable head system works great, allowing you to switch between different attachments in seconds. The G4 comes with a wide range of different options including a mini foil shaver and a detail trimmer. Combine them all and you can achieve almost any style.

Performance is excellent and battery life is good too, although we’d like a power cord that plugs into a shaver socket rather than a three-pronged plug.

Philips Series 7000 vacuum trimmer – makes cleaning easier

Philips 7000 series beard and stubble vacuum cleaner

  • advantages
    • Vacuum chamber makes cleaning easier
    • Attractive
  • disadvantage
    • Cannot be stored vertically

The Philips Series 7000 is an attractive, high quality trimmer with twenty length settings from 0.5 to 10mm. Its battery life is strong, with up to 60 minutes on a single charge.

What gives it a certain edge is the vacuum chamber, which catches the worst hairs before they colonize your sink. It won’t quite get everything, but it will make cleanup a lot easier.

It’s not the cheapest trimmer out there, but it’s a great mid-range option.

Braun Series 9 – Most length options

Brown series 9

  • advantages
    • High quality foil razor
    • 60 minutes of battery life
  • disadvantage
    • A bulky cleaning and charging station is unnecessary

The Braun Series 9 is a great premium foil shaver that’s really only let down by its price. Its four cutting elements, ten tilt settings, and hour-long battery will be overkill for many, but if your hair is growing thick and fast enough that you need a close shave daily, this will get the job done well and quickly, so it’s easy to recommend.

The Clean & Charge Station is a bit more questionable. It is undoubtedly a convenient way to clean your shaver, using an alcohol solution to automatically clean, lubricate and dry the shaving head. It also saves you from worrying about long-term dirt build-up. Still, it’s a little noisy and takes some time to get the job done. Also, you cannot use it after a wet shave.

And it’s bulky, ugly, and expensive — both upfront and over time — so it’s only worth it for those with roomy bathroom closets.

Skull Shaver Gold – For the whole head

Skull Razor Gold

  • advantages
    • shower friendly
    • USB charging
    • Battery life indicator
  • disadvantage

If you need to shave both your head and face, the Skull Shaver should appeal to you. It is easy and convenient to use. It also has four blades that can quickly shave large areas.

It’s IPX5 waterproof so can be used in the shower but also works well when used dry.

Designed for those in a hurry and want a minimum of hassle, the Gold also charges via USB and has a useful display that shows how much battery power is left.

Remington Barba MB320C Beard Trimmer – Ergonomic Handle

Remington Barba MB320C beard trimmer

  • advantages
    • Ergonomic
    • budget friendly
    • Convenient ‘zoom’ wheel
  • disadvantage
    • Pop-up trimmer is ineffective

The Remington Barba MB320C is a solid budget option. It is easy to cut and shape. It has a beautiful design, great grip and controls that you can access during use.

It also caters in terms of providing different lengths of protection, with a handy “zoom” wheel you can roll to change the setting.

The battery gives you – at least – the promised 40 minutes of trimming time per charge. But there’s little additional functionality, and the additional, hinged precision trimmer is disappointing.

Remington Heritage foil razor – the most stylish razor

Remington Heritage foil razor

  • advantages
    • USB charging
    • Attractive design
  • disadvantage
    • Not the most effective razor we’ve tested

The Remington Heritage Foil Shaver undoubtedly looks great with its stunning retro style, but the question is will you do so after using it.

Unfortunately, whether it’s design, performance or just plain sharpness, this razor just doesn’t cut, with inconsistent results and real difficulty shaving under the jaw.

That’s a particular shame as it looks, charges and is so portable thanks to its compact build, an hour’s battery life and a two-hour micro-USB charge time.

This could still be a good choice for anyone who wants a fancy razor and doesn’t mind taking a few extra passes every time. Otherwise, you can get better results for less elsewhere.

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