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The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is Samsung’s flagship range for early 2020. The company unveiled four latest phones in February this year, with the regular model being the only one to offer a 4G version.

The S20 Ultra represents Samsung pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a smartphone, and it’s priced to match – the phone still starts at £1199 / $1399.

In return, you get a whopping 6.9-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, a 108-megapixel camera with 100x “Space Zoom” and a 5000mAh battery. Check out our Ultra review to find out if it’s worth it.

As with most flagships, the S20 Ultra’s all-glass design makes it prone to damage. You should get a case to protect it and luckily there are some excellent options on the market. Here is our top pick.

Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Standing Cover

There are many official S20 Ultra cases on the Samsung website, but this one stands out.

The durable Protective Standing Case does exactly what it says on the tin, offering military-grade drop protection and an integrated kickstand for ultimate flexibility.

Crucially, this case adds very little bulk to the phone despite offering plenty of grip on a normally slippery device.

It comes in a standard black variant, but we particularly like the standout silver option (pictured).

You can now buy it directly from Samsung for £29 / US$20, although it’s cheaper at Mobile Fun in the UK.

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Neo Hybrid Case

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Neo Hybrid Case

Spigen are a staple of our case summaries, and with good reason. The Neo Hybrid strikes a good balance between good looks and full protection for your device.

Unlike most cases, it’s split into two parts, meaning it doesn’t expose the phone to unnecessary damage.

The raised lips mean the stunning 6.9-inch screen should also be adequately protected from falls, but if you want all-around protection the case is still compatible with most screen protectors.

This doesn’t quite have the rugged feel of the Rugged Armor but is an ideal option for everyday use.

You can buy it for £15.99/US$34.99.

Otterbox Galaxy S20 Ultra Symmetry Series case

Otterbox Galaxy S20 Ultra Symmetry Series case

Another staple of our suitcase summaries, Otterbox’s Symmetry range offers everything most people are looking for in a suitcase.

Otterbox has refined the design of the Symmetry series, with the latest versions being the thinnest ever. However, that does not mean that protection is compromised, as it was expressly so

The case is currently available in either a standard black or a more striking Sapphire Secret Blue (pictured).

You can buy it for £29.99/US$29.85.

ESR Galaxy S20 Ultra metal case with stand

ESR Galaxy S20 Ultra metal case with stand

Perhaps understandable given the name, the main feature of ESR’s case is the built-in kickstand on the back of the phone.

Unlike the vast majority of similar cases, it’s made out of metal, which should mean it’s a lot more durable than plastic equivalents. It also supports vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

Additionally, this case offers the protection you’d expect from an ESR product, with soft TPU and raised edges on the screen and camera module.

You can buy it for £15.19/US$18.99.

Noreve Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Leather Case

Noreve Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Leather Case

Noreve is known for its luxurious cases, so it could be the perfect companion for the S20 Ultra.

The premium leather sleeve ensures full device protection without compromising on style. Precise cutouts ensure all physical buttons and cutouts remain available.

The way the case is designed also means that the rear camera’s considerable bump isn’t nearly as much of an issue.

As with many Noreve cases, there’s a full range of customization options including 12 colors, additional attachments and card slots on the back.

You can buy it for £68.86 / US$81.02.

Tech 21 Studio theme for the Galaxy S20 Ultra

Tech 21 Studio theme for the Galaxy S20 Ultra

Tech 21’s Studio Design case excels in more ways than one.

A unique patterned design and some unusual color options shouldn’t distract you from its primary function – great protection without the added bulk.

Tech 21 claims this case will protect your phone from drops of up to 8ft and based on past performance we have no reason to doubt it.

Protection against microbes is also built into the case, which is especially important considering people take their phones almost everywhere.

Tech 21 also has the environment in mind with the studio design using plant-based materials.

You can buy it for £19.95/US$29.95.

Totallee Thin Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

Totallee Thin Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

Totallee’s case aims to add as little bulk as possible to your S20 Ultra while ensuring it’s still well protected. At just 0.02 inches thick and weighing 0.1 ounces, it’s among the lightest cases we’ve seen.

The black model pictured is usually understated, maintaining the design of the phone while giving it some much-needed grip.

Totallee is also great at making sure the cases don’t have any additional branding, so the back of the phone is completely plain except for the camera module

The company also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund within the first 30 days.

You can buy it now for $39, which is around £28.

You’ve seen the cases, but what if you haven’t bought the phone yet? Check out the best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals to make sure you get the best price, no matter which model you choose.

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