CDL Kickoff Classic 2022 Tournament – Bracket, Updates & Vanguard Status


The 2022 season of the Call of Duty League is now about to start, with the first games expected in the coming weeks. However, the competitive Vanguard will start a little earlier. The Kickoff Classic 2022 tournament will be the kickoff event for the season.

It won’t be part of the main league itself, but this tournament will see all 12 teams compete against each other. This will be one of our first looks at how CDL players and teams will interact with Vanguard. This is how the tournament will work.

CDL Kickoff Classic 2022

Classic opening tournament of the Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic tournament will be a one-time event held to mark the opening of the season. There will be a $30,000 prize for the winning team. It’s also fully in-person, taking place at Esports Stadium Arlington, Texas. This is a nice boost for recently formed OpTic Texas following their off-season merger.

The event will be the start of the season. It’s a smaller bracket event with a smaller prize pool. This does not affect the ranking of the actual league. However, alongside the decent prize pool for the event, teams are offered a lot of prestige.

The Kickoff Classic tournament will rank the players in its group based on their performance in last season’s CDL. The top four teams join the bracket only in the second round. They then meet the winners of the first round matches. The first round of games will take place on Friday January 21st, with the second round taking place on Saturday. The semi-finals will be held on Sunday, then the two best teams will face each other in the final.

This is a single-elimination bracket, so it differs in a few ways from the standard CDL bracket rule set.

CDL Kickoff Classic 2022

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The clip

The bracket for the Kickoff Classic tournament distributes teams based on past performance. However, the first round will still feature some notable games. The most interesting of the earliest rounds are the new Boston team’s opening games against the New York Subliners. As a complete newbie, this team will be difficult to predict when looking at things like Call of Duty betting for the tournament.

The tournament should heat up once the teams advance to the second round. However, these are the first rounds of matches that will determine who goes up against last season’s top 4:

  • Seattle Surge vs. London Royal Ravens (Winner meets Atlanta FaZe in Round 2)
  • New York Subliners vs. Boston (winner vs. Minnesota RøKKR)
  • LA Thieves vs. Paris Legion (Winner goes to OpTic Texas in Round 2)
  • Florida Mutineers vs. LA Guerrillas (Winner meets Toronto Ultra in Round 2)

Kickoff Classic launches Vanguard Esports

The Kickoff Classic is one of the first events for players to participate in Vanguard. This game has yet to be widely seen in the Call of Duty sport. The series includes new games quite often, so this isn’t the biggest change as if the OWL moved to OW 2. However, it has a great aspect of unpredictability. Fans have had plenty of time to get used to Vanguard and see pros play the game in streams. However, seeing them compete in real high-level in-game events is something else entirely.

If you’re looking for a first look at the balance of power in the new season of the Call of Duty League, be sure to check out this event. The Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic will see players adapt to the current game and even introduce a new team to the league.

With the latest iteration getting a lot of criticism, we’re excited to see how it all works out in the end.

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