Cinemark partners with Mission Control to bring esports to theaters


North American movie theater company Cinemark and esports company Mission control announced a partnership that will bring esports and gaming events to cinemas across the United States.

Cinemark partners with Mission Control to bring esports to theaters - Cinemark partners with Mission Control to bring esports to theaters
Photo credit: Cinemark / Mission Control

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As a result of the partnership, some of Cinemark’s 523 theaters will soon start hosting public gaming events. The company will also organize online tournaments for a range of titles.

In a press release it was announced that guests will soon be able to “go into games” with their Nintendo Switch consoles in order to compete with other players. Cinemark also mentioned that guests could play Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Mario Kart 8 on some of the theater’s screens.

Austin Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of Mission Control: At Mission Control, our goal is to gather and grow communities, especially through our passion for games. By partnering with Cinemark, a brand that already stands for community and entertainment, we have the opportunity to achieve our goal by providing Cinemark communities with another fun way to meet on our eSports platform. “

Cinemark Esports, a project developed with the eSports brand Mission Control, was also announced in the release.

The aim of the project is to “offer online gaming opportunities for those who want to compete with other Cinemark fans”. Hence, Cinemark and Mission Control will be organizing a number of online and offline tournaments on a wide variety of titles.

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This isn’t Cinemark’s first foray into the esports sector. In recent years the company has introduced private gaming parties. In addition, Cinemark also presented the Game Awards in its cinemas.

Esports Insider Says: There’s no doubt that gamers and esports fans are audiences that movie theaters want to reach. The collaboration with Mission Control, which aims to bring eSports and casual gaming to the big screen, is a great partnership for Cinemark.

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