CoD Warzone Code Red $25k Duos Tournament – Format and Teams


Warzone esports had a turning point in 2021. The game reached new heights with significantly larger prizes being handed out. The game is close to its first major tournament in 2022. The Code Red Warzone Duos tournament was detailed this week. This is the first major Warzone event of the new year. It offers a prize pool of $ 25,000 plus an additional pool of $ 5,000. This is a decent price for Warzone, and we’re going to see some of the best streamers and CoD pros compete against each other.

Coded Warzone Pacific

Code Red Warzone Duos tournament

The Code Red Warzone Duos tournament begins January 5ththat. The event is part of Code Red, which is organized by BoomTV. They host Warzone tournaments along with Valorant and other events. The entire tournament takes place on a single day. However, many games are played on that one day. Due to the format of the event, a somewhat long duration is to be expected.

This event will be more of a kill race tournament than a traditional Warzone match. Duos compete against each other in brackets. You enter the same lobby as a duo in the quads playlist. It is played in the Vanguard Royale playlist instead of the normal one. Vanguard weapons will be active. However, the aircraft are not tournament legal. While others can use them in the game, the competitors in these games cannot.

The team with the most eliminations wins. This is played in a double elimination bracket so that the losing teams fall into the loser bracket instead of being eliminated immediately. The games in brackets are played in best-of-1 mode in the first rounds. After that, however, it will be Best of 3. This is how the prize pool will work

  • 1st – $ 10,000
  • 2nd – $ 6,000
  • 3approx – $ 4,000
  • Bounties – $ 5,000

The top three teams all receive decent payouts from the tournament. However, the bounties will also provide a nice side pool at the Code Red Warzone Duos tournament.

Who is playing in the tournament?

Half-male and half-female captains will take part in the event. The full list for the event has not yet been released. However, these are some of the participants already announced:

  • zSmit and Cely
  • QueenShadows and Newbz
  • Overgirl and ShiftyTV
  • ntShay and OakleyBoliii
  • Kenzrosey and Almond
  • IAngelikaa and Jukeyz
  • JessieCooks and Exzachtt
  • iSmixie and Scummn
  • HusKerrs and P90Princess
  • ForeignJase and Winterellas
  • Flxnked and SamLovely
  • Fivebyfive and HisokaT42
  • Emzy and Fifakill
  • EmIs Guilty and Envailed
  • Emiliaa and AngusXO
  • BrittneyRaines and Tommey
  • Braalik and Hmay
  • Ahtract12 and QueenBitty

The Code Red Warzone Duos tournament will be streamed on the official BoomTV Twitch channel. You can join the stream when it hits on Wednesday the 5th.that January. This is a kill race tournament that can last all day.

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