Critical Ops reaches massive player milestone


critical powerthe Finnish studio behind the mobile esports game critical operationshas announced that the game has reached a notable milestone: one million daily players.

Critical Ops has now been downloaded over 34 million times by mobile users and has an active, engaging social presence – with over half a million followers across multiple platforms. Impressively, YouTube creators have uploaded over half a million videos focused on the mobile game.

critical operations

The official Discord server for Critical Ops is also quite large and currently has over 54,000 members. discussion about the success of the game, CEO by Critical Force Veli-Pekka Piirainen said: “The year 2017 was phenomenal for us in many ways. Our game has become one of the de facto standard mobile eSports games and our headcount has more than quadrupled in the past year. We are very excited for 2018 and have many great milestones ahead of us, such as the official release of Critical Ops.”

In 2016, Critical Force received a US$4.5 million (£3,235,185) investment from Korean game publishing conglomerate NHN Entertainment. In the same year, the company was also named the best Finnish game developer.

Esports Insider: This milestone is undeniably a big statement for both mobile gaming and mobile esports in general, especially considering its niche mobile FPS genre. We look forward to seeing what other numbers Critical Ops can achieve in the future!

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