Critical Ops to show off new tournament spectator client


Finnish game developer critical power will be introducing a new tournament spectator client for its mobile game Critical Ops at the Amazon Mobile Masters next week in Seattle, Washington.

Critical Ops - Critical Ops to show off new tournament spectator client
Current Critical Ops spectator mode

Kasperi Kivisto, Critical Force Community and eSports Manager commented: “The Spectator Client gives viewers a complete overview of the game. It also helps shout casters comment and create stories around the games. Viewers will get real-time information on both teams’ weapon composition and economy, as well as player positioning on the map.”

Critical Force is growing as a developer since it brought KSV founder Kevin Chou to its board and received $4.5m (£3.4m) in seed investment from the Korean game publisher NHN entertainment. Critical Ops has been downloaded more than 38 million times and recently announced that it hit one million daily players in February. The game operates its esports division as Open League in conjunction with ESL composed of 128 teams, with the top 40 teams advancing to the playoffs.

The Amazon Mobile Masters is typically the pinnacle of mobile esports, as teams in World of Tanks: Blitz, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Survival Arena, and Critical Ops compete for a share of the $100,000 over the course of two days in Seattle, Washington be fighting prize pool. The Critical Ops tournament will be there CSPG, Dynasty, Gankstars, Hammers Esports, Nova Esports and SetToDestroyX.

Esports Insider says: Mobile esports is growing fast and one of the best events to watch is Amazon’s Mobile Masters tournament. Mobile gaming can also be very difficult to watch as the games are obviously played on either the phone or tablet. While Critical Ops’ current spectator mode is fairly basic, it will be interesting to see what new additions they bring to the table and unveil at the Amazon Mobile Masters tournament in a couple of weeks.

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