Diablo: Immortal disappoints utterly, Blizzard fully embraces pay2win


The quote that will forever appear in every article about Blizzard, “Don’t you have phones,” will resonate even louder after Diablo: Immortal releases on June 2ndand, 2022. Since Microsoft announced it was buying Activision, some good things have happened at the company, and people really thought there was hope for the company.

Unfortunately, everyone who thought so, including us, already put on their clown makeup after the Overwatch 2 beta, which was disappointing. If you missed the whole Overwatch 2 thing, then Diablo: Immortal probably disappointed you more than those who got scammed a few months ago.

For now Diablo: Immortal has a user rating of 0.5 out 10 on metacritical.

Diablo immortal

There is no cow level..

What went wrong?

You’ve probably heard about it from your favorite streamer, and that’s Diablo: Immortal actually isn’t a bad game…at least from a gameplay perspective. The developers did a great job bringing the Diablo series to a mobile device. The graphics look good; the game plays well; It’s fun to play and generally a great game apart from one thing that’s eye candy.

We are of course referring to the fact that the game is not only pay-to-win but is completely shameless when it comes to taking your money. It doesn’t just want a few bucks here and there. No! It wants to take everything you have from you. After playing the game for just a few minutes, you’ll be immediately prompted to spend money on an “800% Value Offer” for just $1.

OK, we get it. Spending €1 is not that bad. After all, it’s a free-to-play game. However, this is just the beginning of Blizzard’s never-ending greed as they look to monetize pretty much everything in the game. Even the things they claim cannot be bought with real money, which is the gear, are technically monetized through Legendary Gems.

According to Bellular, Blizzard’s name and reputation dies with this:

Of course, free-to-play players can purchase anything that those who spend money on the game can.

But can they really?

The community has already done their calculations, and if F2P players don’t plan to play almost every day for ten years, they won’t come anywhere near the level of performance that a P2W player can. The insane power curve that pay2win players get is just nonsensical.

Payment mechanisms aimed at reducing grind times have been envisioned as equalizers in role-playing games. Those who don’t have that much time to grind each day could pay for a little shortcut. Players who can afford the time can be equally good just by putting in the time and effort.

Blizzard takes it to a whole new level in Diablo: Immortal and makes it downright predatory.

How much does it cost to fully charge your character?

Better hold on to something because the price of a maxed out character in this mobile game might surprise you. If you want the best of everything, you need to spend at least $110,000 on the game. The reason the price is so high is that despite the fact that you can start with an offer of $1, it scales the more you spend on the game.

The whole Diablo community is outraged about the situation, and the worst thing is that Blizzard will likely “fix” this by simply lowering the prices a bit, which will still make the game expensive, but not as insanely expensive as it is now.

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Blizzard and Diablo: Immortal. Still, it’s not rosy unless you check out the community side of the story, which sets fire to its once-beloved video game development hero with full pitchforks and torches.

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