Don’t Let Data Neglect Hurt Your Business


Dont Let Data Neglect Hurt Your Business - Don’t Let Data Neglect Hurt Your Business

In today’s fast-paced digital world, data storage often falls short. We believe that our important business information is always accessible. We assume it will always be backed up. We assume that it can always be recovered.

But what if your data suddenly disappears? How would your company survive the loss of such vital information? And how would you respond to different data loss scenarios – say, a cyber attack, a natural disaster, or simple user error?

The answer to each question is harder than you think. Most companies only consider the security of their data when it’s too late – after hackers have encrypted it or after they realize that these backups weren’t actually performed regularly and remotely.

So what can you do today to protect your data? At CMIT Solutions, we work with our customers to ask some fundamental questions about their information:

Working with a trusted IT vendor, you can create an inventory that identifies location and access to the critical information that drives your business. Once this is done, protocols can be developed to protect this data and begin assessing any threats or vulnerabilities.

Unexpected data loss is one of the biggest threats to business success. A widely shared statistic from the US Small Business Administration claims that nearly 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within six months. Many organizations affected by a data disaster will find that they cannot conduct regular business operations without it, compounding the problem while also taking a toll on a company’s reputation and revenue.

Regular, remote and redundant data backup is important. But backing up your data is one thing – having easy access to those backups is quite another. At CMIT Solutions, we securely store our customers’ backups in a variety of physical and cloud-based locations to mitigate the risk of total data loss. In addition, we incorporate robust data recovery procedures into all data protection plans, helping organizations retrieve their impacted information as efficiently as possible to support the return to daily business operations.

If you said ransomware, phishing, and data breaches, you’re partly right. However, cyber threats are bombarding modern businesses from all directions served up in malicious emails, infected web ads and even illicit phone calls. The goal of stealing your data may remain the same, but the methods hackers use to achieve their nefarious ends are constantly evolving.

Basic hardware monitoring and managed IT services are essential, but additional layers are required given today’s threat landscape. Many organizations require 24/7 security-focused monitoring and intrusion detection, often referred to as SOC (Security Operations Center) and SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management). These tools represent a company’s best chance of defending against cyberattacks, tracking the twists and turns of the modern hacking landscape in real-time to protect your data. If you are unsure whether intrusion detection tools are required or whether your data security is robust enough, It’s time to talk to an IT vendor.

At CMIT Solutions we believe in a proactive approach to cybersecurity and privacy. Rather than waiting for the inevitable breach or compromise, we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a week to protect our customers and their businesses. We understand the threat that data loss poses to modern businesses and are here to help. Contact CMIT Solutions today to protect your important information.

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