DPC China 21/22 Week 2 Match Predictions and Analysis


China’s Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) doesn’t get any spicier than a summer hotpot. Invictus Gaming, a former major champion, unexpectedly included two losses on his book. In return, the limelight shifted to less prominent teams EHOME and Royal never give up with revised rosters.

With DPC China 21/22 heating up, Week 2 matches will certainly be rewarding.

DPC China 2122 Week 2 Match Predictions and Analysis - DPC China 21/22 Week 2 Match Predictions and Analysis

Invictus Gaming vs Vici Gaming

Invictus Gaming hit rock bottom last week with back-to-back losses. Needless to say, IG’s situation is already looking grim and requires drastic action. Unfortunately, their next opponent, Vici Gaming, won’t be easy prey either.

First, IG’s recent designs have been overly magic-oriented as they attempt to play shorter games. However, their fast-paced design backfired badly when opponents like RNG invested in more sustainable builds. Lycan and Medusa carry builds are what RNG needs to survive IG’s golden hour.

Many Chinese teams also tend to take the late-game route, making IG’s snowball strategy obsolete. Perhaps it explains why IG seems to be doing much better on the international stage than it does in their region.

Nonetheless, IG is still a savvy candidate for Dota 2 betting, which gives them leverage on the odds x1.33 via VG on x3.19 returns.

EHOME vs. Royal Never give up

Both EHOME and RNG deserve applause for pulling off the impossible. Against all odds, they managed to snag a series from one of DPC China’s top dogs, IG.

Team RNG’s line-up needs no introduction as they are the remnants of PSG.LGD and their great performance is expected. However, EHOME features the former lineup of Phoenix Gaming, making this underdog far more impressive than a mere team change.

Even so, RNG still has the stronger roster, especially Lu”somnus“Yao. Somnus alone poses a massive threat due to his dominating mid-laning expertise and diverse hero pool. Along with reliable teammates, all are also highly commendable, making RNG an absolutely devastating opponent to take on.

The Dota 2 odds favor RNG at x1.31 against EHOME x3.31 returns.

Team Aster vs. LBZS

Speaking of tough opponents, Team Aster certainly ticks the box too. We saw you”Monet” Peng rocks his assertive playstyle at enemies without hesitation and believes his team is nearby to aid him in the counterattacks.

As such, Aster is notorious for being an aggressive team that would explosively force enemies into bad teamfights. For example, they managed to steal a game from International 10 runners-up PSG.LGD. Coupled with the fact that game three was a very long match, the series could have gone either way.

Unfortunately for LBZS they are not PSG.LGD and will certainly play at a huge disadvantage. Due to LBZS’s conservative designs, it wouldn’t be difficult for Aster to catch unsuspecting enemies right away.

Therefore, the odds for Aster reflect well x1.21 Odds against LBZS at x4.19 Opportunities.

Phoenix Gaming vs LBZS

Phoenix Gaming and LBZS are the latest additions to the Division 1 bracket, which is an achievement for the youngsters. However, Phoenix isn’t in great shape, especially after their original roster was carried over to EHOME. While EHOME is performing phenomenally, Phoenix is ​​visibly unqualified for the Division 1 bracket.

Meanwhile, LBZS might not make an impression as a viable powerhouse in DPC China. However, these folks have been a staple of Division 1 and 2 since last season. Additionally, LBZS’ conservative playstyle offers decent benefits, particularly their global presence.

One good lesson Phoenix can learn from Vici Gaming’s win over LBZS is the ban on Io, a hero who can relocate allies in a matter of seconds. Then maybe Phoenix could give LBZS a shot. Regardless, the odds of both teams are relatively equal at around x1.86, despite our stance on LBZS as a significant candidate. So it’s probably reasonable to support LBZS in this match.

DPC China teams don’t stop bringing Dota 2 Aegis of Champions back to their country. As such, we are already seeing notable candidates who could be good selections in the International 11. Check out the weekly games and odds when you head over to Bet365, our chosen bookmaker for this selection.

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