Esport Talk – SK Gaming on going mobile


SK Gaming can be proud to be one of the most established organizations in esports worldwide.

The German team has come a long way since its inception in 1997 and now counts Visa among its partners. SK Gaming is one of a growing number of big orgs on the scene making their move to mobile via Super Evil Megacorp title Vainglory. SKGaming - Esport Talk – SK Gaming on going mobile

Why did you choose to do this? Esport Talk found just the man to ask that question. Martin Marquardtthe team manager of SK Gaming’s mobile gaming division, is responsible for the success of this new venture.

Esport Talk asked him about his journey to such a position in such an established team and how he led a double life for some time.

Initially, SK managed three Vainglory squads at once. Was that move a bit overzealous or did SK have a specific strategy in mind? Why do they only have one team today? And where do you see the future of mobile games?

Martin answers all that and more in this week’s Esport Talk episode.

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