EVO 2022 pulled Smash Bros from the competitive title roster


Super Smash Bros has been one of the best fighting games for a while with a very active esports community. In various incarnations, Smash Bros tournaments have been some of the most popular in the entire genre. This year, however, Smash will be absent from a fairly large event that it has usually had a strong relationship with.

News has been circulated that Smash EVO 2022 will be cancelled. Because of this, the game has been retired and what does this mean for the future of the title’s competitive side.


EVO Announcement for Super Smash Bros.

smash pmoved out Evo 2022

This week it was announced that Smash EVO 2022 will not take place. Fighting play has been a big part of EVO in the past, but it had plenty of hiccups. Nintendo has always been protective of Smash and tends to remove it from events. Last year there was also a Smash-less EVO as its netcode wasn’t up to the standard required for an online tournament.

At first it was not entirely clear what was responsible for the cancellation of Smash EVO 2022. However, Nintendo’s previous actions and Sony’s purchase of the tournament gave us some clues as to its cancellation. The fighting game event has since been settled, with a statement on Twitter blaming Nintendo fairly directly for pulling Smash Bros from EVO.

Many fans are upset by the loss, pointing out that the incident is another example of Nintendo sabotaging the entirely fan-built esports community. However, this particular incident doesn’t seem as egregious as her previous cancellations. This one has a little more explanation, as Nintendo is naturally reluctant to show its games at the event, which is now owned by one of its closest competitors. Nintendo is also in the process of launching its own Smash Bros esports events.

Fans are of course disappointed by this news. It’s a shame to see that Smash Bros EVO 2022 has been canceled and the game is no longer on the list with the other big fighting games.

Ludwig’s Smash Tournaments

Popular Smash Bros streamer Ludwig has offered some hints, promising it may cheer Smash fans up following the recent news. The streamer is probably the most popular content creator to emerge from Smash Bros in recent years.

He has previously hosted other Smash tournaments. Including one on January 31stSt for Melee, which drew a lot of attention to the game. He is currently planning to host a tournament with a prize pool of over $1 million. This will include both Smash Bros Ultimate and Melee. While it doesn’t quite make up for the spectacle of EVO, it’s definitely something to look forward to. A prize pool that big would at least be something big to look at for both Smash Bros games in competition.

He tweeted this about the news:

The news of the cancellation of Smash Bros EVO 2022 was definitely a blow to the community. While there are a few reasons this time around, it’s still disappointing to see Nintendo continue to treat its competitive community this way. However, the change at EVO was inevitably a result of Sony’s acquisition, we’ll have to see how their roster of fighting games changes over time.

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