Fnatic enters India-focused content partnership with Loco


Organization based in London Fnatic has entered into a long-term partnership with the Indian streaming platform locomotive.

The partnership will focus on content creation around Fnatic’s PUBG Mobile players and other Indian content creators.

Fnatic Loco PUBG Mobile
Photo credits: Fnatic, Loco

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According to the announcement, the aim of the deal is to create “unique eSports content” and will include tournaments and various live streams featuring the organization’s PUBG Mobile Indian roster.

Anirudh Pandita, Founder of Loco, speaking of the partnership in a press release: “Fnatic and Pocket Aces share a common vision of building a sustainable esports ecosystem in India. We aim to bring premium gaming entertainment in all formats to Indian esports and gaming fans and this partnership will ensure that this shared vision is realized very soon. Fnatic have a strong commitment to Indian gaming and as the home of Indian gaming we are delighted to welcome them!”

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This isn’t the first time the two parties have worked together. In April, Fnatic and Loco hosted a charity event for the esports community to help those affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Nimish Raut, Head of India at Fnaticcommented on how the deal will support the development of esports in India: At Fnatic, we’re dedicated to entertaining our fans through content and new game formats. We believe eSports has the potential to become the top form of entertainment in this country and these shared thoughts make Pocket Aces and LOCO the perfect partners as we seek to take the game to a higher level with content in India.

“As a pioneer in digital content, Pocket Aces has a strong history of building entertainment channels from the ground up and collaborating with some of the best talent. We are very excited to partner with LOCO to build the future of esports and entertainment together.”

Esports Insider says: PUBG Mobile is a big esports title in India and it’s great to see Fnatic continuing to support the scene with its new content and recently announced scouting program to nurture new talent in the region.

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