For your consideration: Esports Insider as best coverage website in 2020


Esports Insider writes more than just industry news. It provides those in the industry and those looking to enter the industry with the knowledge they need to truly understand what makes eSports tick – from spotting emerging trends to pinpointing where investments are going.

Covering the business side of the industry is no easy task, but an important one. It requires extensive and broad knowledge, a wealth of connections and staying on the ball. It’s nothing fancy and it’s not usually what interests the average eSports fan, but I would argue that coverage of the industry is just as important as casual and fan-centric coverage. To have a truly holistic understanding of esports, you need to know how it works, what’s changing, and its history. Our team works tirelessly to make this a reality.

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From June 2019 to June 2020, we wrote, edited and published well over 1,700 articles – from news stories to stakeholder and key person interviews, opinion pieces and insightful long stories. You may remember that we published those accurate figures on revenue share for PUBG eSports in 2019 or the industry-shattering look inside whether gaming chairs are really for gamingor our exclusive report on the eventual sale of OpTic Gaming. This is just a tiny sample of many important and unique stories we have produced, of which there are literally hundreds.

While 1,700+ articles may seem like starter numbers for the other publications in and out of esports, you have to consider our scope of coverage. We don’t cover roster changes, match results or the latest drama – our beat is the industry itself. This is a lot of coverage by anyone’s standards, given the stark subject matter at stake.

It’s not always easy, it’s not always easy and – much like the media industry as a whole – it’s certainly not always financially fruitful, but it’s always rewarding. On a personal level, it’s an amazing feeling to know that we offer a service that no other publication in the world offers. Every single day that Esports Insider grows is reward enough in itself, but I have a simple request for you.

Please consider nominating Esports Insider for ‘eSports Coverage Website of the Year’ at this year’s Esports Awards. Of course not for me or my ego. To our amazing team of freelancers who work hard to make sure you’re on the cutting edge, and to those behind the scenes in design and tech for their invaluable contributions. To Sam Cooke, our CEO, for caring more than most about the industry and making sure it gets the best possible coverage. For the sport itself, to show that coverage of the industry matters and is valued.

Nominate here

Of course we will continue to do what we are known for, regardless of the result here. It’s far from the be-all and end-all, but it’s certainly a nice pat on the back for the above. Unfortunately, my praise only goes so far and I would only write this if I genuinely felt they deserved a little more.

If you think Esports Insider deserves a nomination for Esports Coverage Website of the Year, please know we’d appreciate it. If not, then thanks for reading this anyway. You can nominate for the publication that you think is best deserved here.

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