FunSpark ULTI 2021 Grand Final – Easy bracket for Gambit or big upsets?


In the new year, top-class CS:GO action is finally upon us at the FunSpark ULTI Grand Final. The upper bracket quarter is scheduled to begin Tuesday with two top-10 teams in action.

We’ll finally see new rosters test their cohesion post-offseason and see how the scene develops in January. Here’s a breakdown of all four games, along with potential winning selections for your bet slip, should you fancy it.

Final of the FunSpark ULTI participants 2021


Entropiq vs Ecstatic

World No. 9 Entropiq will start their campaign in the upper bracket quarter against No. 20 Ecstatic as slight favorites. Entropiq has been making rapid strides up the CS:GO leaderboard in the last few months of 2021, resulting in a climb into the top 10 in the world.

However, to maintain this excellence, they must show opponents who are not at the same level as in this matchup against Ecstatic. Entropiq has ample offensive firepower, led by her two most effective long-range proponents in Forester and El1an.

Forester averaged 0.71 kills per round with 0.63 fatalities while El1an added 0.72 kills and 0.60 fatalities per round. The effectiveness of these two players, coupled with their experience in maintaining a strong in-game economy, makes them a serious challenge for Ecstatic. As a result, I would resign entropy to win (x1.6).

Astralis vs K23

Former World No. 1 Astralis meets K23 in the second game. Astralis is now ranked 8th in the world, while K23 is outside the top 20 and is currently ranked 22nd in the world. Astralis has overhauled its roster following the departure of Magisk, Dupreeh and Device. In their place, K0nfig and BlameF have held their ground with high kill rates.

For the last three months of CS:GO action, K0nfig has led offensive production for Astralis with 0.77 kills per round. But he also has a high mortality rate of 0.73 per round. BlameF, on the other hand, provided a strong balance between offense and defense with 0.73 and 0.65 deaths per round. astralis (x1.36) should be too strong for K23 in this matchup.

Fnatic vs BIG

Fnatic and BIG face off in the blockbuster match of the round. However, FNC are reasonable favorites in sports betting around the world. Between these two teams, there are only two leaderboard spots in the CS:GO leaderboard, with Fnatic currently ranked 12th and BIG ranked 15th in the world.

Fnatic will need its most experienced players this year to return to the highs of 2021. Three players have averaged over .70 kills per round over the past three months of CS:GO action. Brollan managed .71 kills, Mezii matched that tally while Smooya led the offensive production with .77 kills per round.

I’m not convinced either team will win outright, so I would pick that Series goes to 3 cards (x1.99) instead.

Gambit for extra salt

The final upper bracket quarter is the biggest discrepancy of the first round of this playoffs as world No. 1. 2 Gambit Esports meets No. 29 Extra Salt. Sh1ro threw his hat in the ring for one of the best players of 2021 as he averaged a staggering 0.77 kills with just 0.55 deaths per round over the last three months of CS:GO action.

This should be a relatively comfortable cruise gambit Esports if they advance to the upper bracket semi-finals where they could face a resurgent Entropiq team. This might also be one to circle on your calendar.

I expect Gambit to win this event on an undefeated run. The team has great cohesion and is famous for its dominance in online gaming. With so many teams tinkering with things, there’s no question that the CIS roster is your best bet to win the entire event. However, I hope that they will be challenged and we can finally see a quality CSGO in early 2022.

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