Gambit, FaZe and FURIA | Predicting winners on IEM Katowice Day 1


Finally the group stage of IEM Katowice starts today with six games on the schedule. From the lot, three games stand out as extreme CSGO betting opportunities as team performances are heavily biased.

I’ve even noticed some team grading errors and incredible odds on several of my picks. Let’s dive in.

FaZe IEM Katowice 2022

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Gambit against NIP

Having barely made it through the play-in stage, NIP has no easy task moving forward. Gambit is currently in a hot streak with 4 wins in a row. NIP defeated Wisla Krakow in the opener and the fact is they didn’t look that good. They looked even worse against Copenhagen Flames and they took a beating in that match, especially on Nuke. Still, she put on a solid performance against the Movistar Riders to the main event.

Gambit recently wore a tear and they looked great. The map pool will favor the CIS team and here’s why. After removing Vertigo and Nuke, Gambit will definitely choose Dust 2 as a map choice. However, NIP only thrives on Nuke and they won’t be able to pick this card against Gambit, making Ancient the most likely choice for them.

All in all we think this will be an easy game. equipment Not playing is an important factor for the Swedes and we don’t expect much from them in this game. Gambit should win this match without dropping a card.

Forecast: Gambit to win 2-0
Opportunities: 2.04

Liquid against FaZe

A newly formed Liquid roster looks fine on paper, but on the server there are many flaws in their strategy and preparation. We can clearly see that cohesion is not up to par. In contrast, FaZe is firing on all cylinders with 5 straight wins.

We still don’t know much about the map pool that Liquid prepared for IEM Katowice 2022, but one thing we do know, they played Inferno three times out of the five maps played with this roster. It’s also important to mention that FaZe defeated her twice on this map.

To conclude this IEM Katowice selection. We haven’t seen much from Liquid lately and what we’ve seen so far isn’t good, especially when they take it to the big stage. Karrigan Calls seem to be on point and we believe his call will allow FaZe to win this best-of-3 series.

Forecast: to win FaZe
Opportunities: 1.57

FURIA vs. Astralis

Our last pick for the opening day is interesting, especially if you like higher odds. FURIA is a solid CSGO team that has recently made changes to their roster. The same goes for Astralis.

The fact is that nobody expected much from Astralis in the play-in phase, but they delivered against BIG and MIBR. You can’t deny that secure will be a key factor in this match and if they can make room for him on the server we believe FURIA can beat Astralis.

The chances of FURIA are too good to pass them on. Astralis players are under a lot of pressure right now and this could cause problems. At the time of writing, the odds for FURIA to beat Astralis are moving from 2.30 to 2.50 and this is an excellent opportunity to profit from the underdog bet.

Forecast: to win FURIA
Opportunities: 2.50

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