Help! How to unsend email messages sent using Gmail


How many times have you sent an email and then wished you could undo it? Seconds after you click the submit button you realize there is a problem, but what can you do? Send it back and fix it!

Sometimes we make typos when typing email messages and don’t realize it at first. You can bet you’ll notice them as soon as you click the send button in an email. Sod’s Law, Murphy’s Law, or whatever you want to call it, what can go wrong will go wrong.

You may have replied to everyone instead of replying to an email, and a whole bunch of people you never intended to email get a copy.

Seconds after clicking the send button, we realize we missed some important information from a message. That message you just sent said, “See the attached file…” You forgot to actually attach the file!

There are numerous instances of instant regret after hitting the email send button we wish we could take it back. You can!

1 Go to Settings

Go to Gmail in a browser. Click the gear icon in the top right corner to view the menu, then click settings.

Access Gmail settings in Chrome

2 Undo sending

Choose General tab above. In Settings, scroll down a bit to the Undo Send section and tick the box Enable Undo Send. Select the number of seconds for the notice period. You have up to 30 seconds to change your mind and stop receiving an email after you click the send button.


3 Save the settings

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save Changes. It’s easy to forget this and then wonder why settings you just made don’t take effect.

Save Gmail Settings

4 Send an email

Create a new email as usual, then click Send Button. It works as usual and the email is sent.

Send a message in Gmail

5 Undo it

Look at the top of the browser and a notice will appear for the length of time you selected, up to 30 seconds. It says Your message has been sent. Cancel. view message. click Cancel and it prevents the email from being sent.

You return to the email composition window and can fix the problem with the message and send it again. There is also an option to cancel and delete it.

Resend an email in Gmail

Now you don’t have to panic if you accidentally make a mistake while sending an email message. You can undo it with Gmail’s Undo Send. You have to be quick, but at least you have the chance to correct it.

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