How does roaming work on Three?


Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean sky-high roaming charges when you use your phone for calls and data. Even after Three revoked its Go Roam policy — which allowed travelers to use their plans as usual in select countries at no additional cost — there are still ways to take advantage of the feature after it’s been discontinued.

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What is roaming?

Roaming is the term used when you choose to use your default phone plan in a region outside of the region it’s intended for. do you think you can still call, text and access the internet abroad without having to change your SIM card (or device).

Typically, using your phone while roaming can result in significant charges. as carriers/networks usually charge an additional fee per message, minute or megabyte used outside of your plan’s home region.

In recent years, three customers with eligible plans have been able to benefit from its Go Roam offer, which negated such fees when roaming in some 71 approved destinations including numerous countries across Europe and in the US, but the network confirmed it would be Go Remove Roam offer from May 22, 2022 on plans/contracts purchased on or after October 1, 2021. However, all is not lost.

How does roaming work on Three?

In the post-go-roam era, users will be charged £2 per day within the EU when traveling and £5 per day for using their allocated calls, messages and data outside the EU.

Your phone may already be primed and ready to go, but if you want to be sure, open the Three app and go to My3 Account > Phone Settingsand look into the calling abroad Section.

How does GoRoam work?

According to Three’s website, “wWith Go hikingyou can use your data plan, call and text in the UK and other Go Roam destinations, and it won’t cost you a penny more (up to fair usage limits).

Whether you pay monthly or pay as you go, you can enjoy Go Roam using a tablet, phone, mobile WiFi or dongle. If you don’t have Go Roam, you can still benefit from lower roaming rates at our Go Roam destinations, allowing you to roam at no extra cost (up to fair usage limits).

The fair use limit mentioned is 12GB of data – even if your plan gives you more than that amount (at which point you’ll be capped until you return to the UK).

How to keep Go Roam after it’s discontinued

Go Roam support doesn’t officially end until the end of May 2022, but you must have purchased a plan that includes Go Roam before or no later than September 30, 2021 if you want to continue benefiting from the feature beyond that deadline

As Three explained in its announcement, “Customers who signed up before October 1, 2021 will not be impacted by these changes.”

Assuming you activated your Three plan before October 1st, you’ll retain Go Roam functionality for the duration of your contract. One of the most effective ways to use Go Roam indefinitely (seemingly) is therefore to opt for the network’s unlimited month-long SIM-only plan (which costs £24 a month at the time of writing) and just give it a go renew every month.

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