How Much RAM do you Need for Gaming?


When did RAM become such an important part of the PC cog? No, not the male sheep. When your computer specs mention memory, it’s just referring to RAM (Random Access Memory). Well, for the non-techies, I think you’ve heard of this but have no idea what it means. Depending on the computer, it consists of two or four small memory chips. Good enough RAM is an important thing in a laptop and especially in a gaming PC. For a very long time, many have had problems with RAM. Computers manufactured in the current generation have different RAM locations ranging from 4GB to 32GB.

Different RAM locations and their uses

2GB of memory – Only found in budget tablet designs. They’re perfect for her, but on a laptop or your home desktop, you need more than that.

4GB of RAM – It is an entry-level model that comes with budget notebooks. It works well with gadgets like Windows and the Chrome operating systems.

8GB of RAM – It is an excellent component for Windows and macOS gadget systems and the most recommended for various game settings.

16GB of memory – An ideal memory for professional work and most demanding games worldwide.

32GB RAM and more – It is for enthusiasts and intentionally only for built workstations.

You must remember that buying more RAM that you will not use productively is just a waste of money and resources. Buy the essentials wisely and spend the rest of the money on other components like the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics card. Random access memory is often confused with long-term storage. In some cases manufacturers or retailers will tend to confuse the terms. A good RAM calculator will favor the space of many programs at the same time. But don’t forget that random access memory isn’t just the determinant. After all, you can technically open many programs at once even with little RAM. The only problem you will endure is the slow working system.

The balance between your PC capacity and speed

When gaming, you should focus your efforts on PC capacity and its speed. If your PC has a fast GPU, this will improve graphics performance. It gives you options to choose the highest graphics settings and resolutions. CPU bound games like Civilization V need a faster CPU to help calculate games running in the PC background instead of just rendering some of the graphics. If you have a solid state hard drive, you can count on faster loading times compared to the mechanical hard drive. Is RAM different? Yes, we cannot disagree with that.

The DDR4 and DDR3 RAM

DDR4 is slightly faster than DDR3, but the speed of each in a PC is a completely secondary matter. You only have to worry about how much RAM you will have, not how fast the RAM is. To avoid swapping data from the hard drive, you need RAM with enough space. The programs that your computer uses in an operating system (OS) have a memory footprint. Replacing them will only make your PC slow. How much memory you need depends on the programs you want to install, run, and use on your computer. If your computer requires a web browser and desktop programs, 4GB of RAM may be enough to function properly. A computer storing robust, diverse applications, databases and virtual machines, even the 32 GB for workstations and built-in will not be enough to run smoothly.

ddr3 vs ddr4

RAM recommendation for gaming

In the recent past, games created worked on any gadget. But for this new generation, many of the games are cross-platform. They are only designed for Xbox and Playstation games. Both Playbox games (Xbox and PS4) come with 8GB of RAM. So it’s a surprise that all the newer games require 6GB and 8GB of RAM to work on PC. So before installing games you need to make sure how much capacity your computer had as some games require more RAM than what is in the computer. You must know that increasing the graphics settings of games does not require more RAM. Some of the highest quality games require different RAM. These are:

The Rise of the Tomb Raider

If you look at the numbers, you can clearly see that you need an average of 8GB of RAM for your gaming PC to run smoothly.

Play on-board graphics

If you want to play onboard graphics games, your PC must have a discrete NVIDIA graphics card. If you’re buying a computer for gaming, avoid built-in PC graphics cards. This is because they are much slower. The more you stick to them, the more RAM you need. Your PC must have separate graphics cards for their video RAM. It’s primarily used for textures and is separate from your PC’s standard RAM. On the other hand, the onboard graphics RAM usually reserves a part in the same RAM instead of providing an external one. It just means that RAM speed can make a big difference.

minimum storage

So how much RAM do you need to have a good gaming experience? Many PC games are usually accompanied by a variety of save options. But the minimum RAM you can get in the market is 4GB. It is suitable for both laptops and desktop gadgets. A system can run most current games with 4GB of RAM, but there’s a drive you want to play better. With a laptop you will have better capacity with at least 8 GB. The more memory you have, the better the best-performing processor will be. Don’t hope for visual improvements after upgrading your gadget storage. You must know that games are graphics dependent.

What should you get?

Before you buy any RAM, ask yourself, “Should I buy 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of RAM?” Well, 16GB is believed to be the safest way. It is more future-proof and will serve your needs throughout the life of your computer. 8GB is more practical when you’re on a tight schedule. Not only will it lower your budget costs, but it will also put you in a comfortable position when you want to gamble.

What role does RAM play in gaming?

When you are in the middle of the game, all relevant data sources accessed by your computer/laptop keep the game running smoothly, in great condition and without glitches. It is stored in random access memory. In the past, picking a RAM was a bit trickier. This was because each game has different requirements. No one knew the real “PC gaming” back then as they had different needs. In a younger generation, the situation is completely different. Why? There are operating systems that support more RAM, like the 64-bit operating system. It was after 32-bit that became the norm as the 32-bit operating system only supported a maximum of 4GB of RAM.

memory for games

Single module vs. multiple modules

Most motherboards support dual channel memory. A quad channel can even help with some high-end mainboards. I guess you’re wondering if dual channel will bring a drastic performance boost? Sure it will, but it can never be noticed while playing. Multiple RAM modules are cheaper and easier to remove and replace with new ones in the event of a failure. If your PC is only 16GB and has some malware features, make sure it is out of service until you have a chance to replace new ones. If your computer has two different 8GB modules and, for example, one of the modules fails, you can still use your PC. A spoiled 8GB module is a little cheaper than buying a 16GB module.

RAM facts

RAM stores everything you load, whether it’s a file or an application. The memory of the RAM module is a bit much faster compared to those used in storage drives. It makes them favorable for active use but not advisable for storage. RAM is primarily a short-term memory part of the “brain” that allows you to have information faster and retrieve any information you need instantly. If you don’t take advantage of the option of storing your data on a hard drive, I’m sorry you won’t access it after RAM is done with it. The more memory you have, the more data you store on your PC. RAM allows you to translate better performance and higher multitasking, and brings out the processor capability of your hardware. It’s something that has an art of balance. If your PC is low on RAM, your PC speed will decrease when you get stuck. Your storage pc serves as instant storage access for all operations performed on your computer gadget.


Decide what memory you want to set up on your computer. In general, more RAM in your computer makes it more comfortable. We certainly don’t advise against using 32GB. But if you are looking for the best ways or looking for a good way to improve your frame rate, a graphics card is the right choice for you. It will make a big difference than going from 8GB RAM to 32GB RAM. It will have no impact and changes at all. No need. Before opting for specialized memory, first look at the RAM that is compatible and has a high-speed mode. A RAM for a gamer is fast and has a better capacity to hold back the game without glitches.

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