How the Holiday Season Toys With Twitch Viewership


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December is known for being the time when friends and family get together. It’s a time when business — and esports — usually takes a hiatus and people focus on the holiday season filled with family gatherings.

For the gaming world, this means that professional competition is taking a little pause. Outside of Do not park on the grass (Super Smash Bros.) and Winter Royale by Epic Games for Fourteen daysTwitch was largely a barren wasteland in terms of esports action until December.

Thus, the focus on Twitch shifted from esports to influencers in the final weeks of December. The top 10 most watched channels list has been flooded with personality streamers. The top forms of content gravitated more toward influencer-friendly titles and were foamed weekly with a new title released just in time for gift-giving season.

The entire top 10 most watched channels in December were personality streamers, with four of them being primary Fourteen days Player. As you’d expect, the influencer-powered battle royale game dominated the month with 85.5 million viewer hours, up nearly 27 million League of Legends on the second place.

Fourteen daysThe exaggerated prominence of as the most watched form of content on Twitch was largely driven by its status as the top game on the platform for personality streamers. The game’s longer matches include pauses in action, allowing streamers to interact more directly with their stream while still playing the game, and its cartoon style, which has made it popular with youngsters, certainly hasn’t hurt the game, while the kids were on winter break from school.

This, coupled with a relative absence of sports, meant the game saw a noticeable increase in airtime for the month, unlike most games.

While the Just Chatting category saw an increase in airtime from 134,000 to 162,000 from November to December, League of Legends Airtime stagnated at just under 140K. Fourteen days, On the other hand, monthly airtime increased by 39,000 to 225,000 versus 186,000 in November.

The increases through Just Chatting and Fourteen days were also paired with an increase in observed hours. Fourteen daysThe 85.5 million hours viewed was up 4.5 million from November and Just Chatting improved to 56.4 million hours viewed from 48 million in November.

League of Legends saw a sharp drop to 58.7m watched hours from 71.5m in November, but this was partly due to a lack of esports. December was a dry month for lol Esports, but the world championships for the title took place in early November. Riot Games’ primary Twitch Grand Finals broadcast alone was viewed for 2.02 million hours.

Take a personal break

While Fourteen daysJust Chatting and other top influencer-driven forms of content saw their viewership and airtime spike in December, with the days leading up to Christmas flashing on the radar.

Just as many people celebrated Christmas, so did many of Twitch’s entertainers. Total hours watched for top content on Twitch fell significantly over Christmas Eve and Christmas, with airtime hitting a monthly low.

Despite the drop in both viewership and airtime in the days following Christmas Fourteen days In particular, they experienced an increase in viewership that correlated with an increase in airtime. It’s difficult to separate lower viewership and lower airtime to determine what causes the other. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation.

But the immediacy with which both airtime and viewership surged after Christmas shows how quickly and seamlessly Twitch can bounce back from an atypical hiatus. As more streamers started streaming more again, the hours watched on titles increased – like Fourteen days especially – jumped right back up.

Fourteen days and lol also experienced a similar slump on New Year’s Eve. Since many people took a vacation break, the airtime was canceled. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ New Year’s Eve special stream was broadcast in Times Square Fourteen days viewers for the day and thus prevented a drop, but that was not the case for lol.

With little to no esports providing a viewership boost for big titles like dota 2 and Counter Strike Global OffensiveDecember was influencer month. But this boon for personalities also comes with some short-term volatility.

The holiday season offers streamers an opportunity to attract viewers by streaming a variety of newly released titles with no competition from major esports. However, this esports-free environment leads to its own ebb and flow in the final weeks of the year.

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