How to browse the web on an Apple Watch


How to surf the web with an Apple Watch: While Apple offers a hidden browser, a new mini web browser brings the internet to your wrist.

Apple doesn’t integrate its Safari browser into the Apple Watch for obvious reasons. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get a worthy World Wide Web experience on a 45mm display.

There’s a kind of hidden browser that’s a product of Apple’s own WebKit API, introduced in watchOS 5. That comes into play when you get a URL link in the Messages and Mail apps. Tap on these links and you will see a functional webpage where you can tap on links and browse websites by using the Digital Crown to scroll through the pages.

On the Apple Watch, click Link

This also applies to links that appear in Siri search results. MacRumors also points out a little hack where you can send yourself a link to Google via iMessages, do the web search there, and search whatever you want.

Download µBrowser for Apple Watch

While there’s no Safari where there’s a will, there’s the intrepid developer community. Described as a mini-browser on your watch, µBrowser arrived to great acclaim on the App Store last week, with a 4.8 out of 5 rating so far. It also costs only $0.99 / £0.99.

You can download the µBrowser app for Apple Watch here.

You can enter web addresses directly on the display or enter search terms to enjoy a micro-browsing experience. The companion iPhone app also lets you bookmark your favorite websites so you don’t have to type them in.

Apple Watch ubrowser

You must have watchOS 8 installed on your Apple Watch and iOS 15 installed on your iPhone to use this app. It should work well on all phones compatible with the latest update, although obviously the larger displays available in the newer generations are best.

There are of course some readability issues on Home websites, while 9to5Mac reports that images can take a while to launch, if they launch at all. Users must confirm that they want to navigate to this page after launch.

Developer, the App-Tly named Arno Appenzeller, writes: “I believe that the µBrowser can be the perfect emergency browser when you’re on the go and don’t have your phone with you. It’s a start and I hope watchOS improves so I can add new features to µBrowser. I am very interested in providing the best possible web experience on iOS.”

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