How to buy a PS5 from Sony: PlayStation Direct invites expanded to UK


How to register to buy a PS5 from Sony: Sony has finally launched its PS5 direct sales website in the UK and other European countries. Here’s what you need to do to secure the coveted console.

After initially opening PlayStation Direct PS5 sales to gamers in the United States, Sony is expanding the invite-only program to Europeans, including avid gamers in the UK.

While only a limited number of consoles are available, the company encourages those who aren’t yet looking to secure a PS5 to register using the email address associated with their PlayStation Network ID. On the other hand, players will need to opt-in to receive marketing emails from Sony, although this is important as the invite is essentially a marketing email.

“We will have a limited number of PS5 consoles available for customers to purchase directly from PlayStation,” the company informs visitors to the PlayStation Direct website. “If selected, we will contact you via email with instructions and details.”

PS5 PlayStation Direct

The launch of the PlayStation Direct store in Europe is a long time coming. The company initially confirmed the plans in May last year. That won’t bother players, however, who have long battled online scalpers and bots to gain access to the latest stocks over two Christmases.

The expansion is also good news for US gamers. This means that a new set of PS5 consoles is also available for US players. The company adds: “If you are selected, we will contact you via email with the date, time and instructions for your PS5 console purchase opportunity. Registering does not guarantee that you will receive an invitation.”

You can now go to the PlayStation Direct website and sign in with your PlayStation Network ID. Good luck, intrepid players. Go and register. If you succeed, here are the best PS5 games currently available and the best upcoming PS5 games for 2022 and beyond. Those that succeed could also benefit from an alternative to Xbox Game Pass sooner than many thought.

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