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The Sony BRAVIA LCD and LED TV range includes a wide variety of features, screen sizes and different designs. You can spend less than $1000 and buy a small LCD TV or up to almost $5000 for a huge, full-featured and attractive LED TV. All Sony TVs are divided into different model series, with further distinctions between each series in terms of features and prices. We’ve put together a quick guide for each model, so read through and choose the Sony TV that’s best for you.

Check out the entire Sony BRAVIA LCD TV range for 2011.

Sony HX925 series


The Sony HX925 series of BRAVIA LED TVs are the crème de la crème, but they also cost the most. The HX925 uses Sony’s most advanced LCD panel and LED lighting system – Sony calls it Intelligent Peak LED, but it’s more widely known as “local dimming” – which is able to dynamically dim different parts of the screen, a feature that’s usually not available not available on the Slim “edge-lit” variety of LED TVs. Combine this with Sony’s top-of-the-line X-Reality Pro image processing engine and a MotionFlow rate of 800 and you get the best image quality Sony can offer.

Likewise, the HX925 has all the 3D bells and whistles you could want. The 3D emitter has to be bought separately and hooked up to cheaper Sony TVs, but the HX925 has it all built in – it also comes with two rechargeable 3D glasses. The HX925 can convert 2D footage to 3D, so you don’t always have to buy additional 3D Blu-ray movies just to get your 3D correction.

The additional features of the HX925 are the best of any Sony TV. Like other high-end models, the Sony BRAVIA HX925 can access a range of streaming internet TV channels and BRAVIA Internet Video – there are plenty of built-in features for accessing services other than free-to-air digital TV.

There are two HX925 models available – the 65-inch Sony BRAVIA KDL-65HX925, which doesn’t have a price tag yet, and the 55-inch Sony BRAVIA KDL-55HX925, which costs $4499.

Sony HX820 series


As the first descent from the top model, the Sony HX820 should offer most of the features at a significantly lower price. It is slightly less well-equipped when it comes to absolute picture quality – there’s no local dimming for the LED backlight, and the TV only has a MotionFlow rate of 400. Still, we found the 46-inch Sony BRAVIA KDL- 46HX820 was able to produce an excellent picture with very high quality workmanship so you don’t have to buy the most expensive Sony TV to get a great screen.

Like the more expensive HX925, the HX820 has built-in 3D and comes with a pair of 3D glasses. You still get the same 2D to 3D tricks, so you don’t have to just watch 3D Blu-rays or wait for that faraway 3D TV channel.

The HX820 can also access BRAVIA Internet Video and Sony Internet TV services. You can access your Facebook and Twitter accounts and also use the TV’s built-in web browser to view web pages.

Two screen sizes are available in the HX820 series. The 55-inch Sony BRAVIA KDL-55HX820 is priced at $3999 and the 46-inch Sony BRAVIA KDL-46HX820 is priced at $2999. So if you want a huge screen, you’ll have to pay for the 65-inch HX925.

Sony NX720 series


The Sony BRAVIA NX720 series is another step down from the HX820 and HX925. It’s still an edge-lit LED TV and has the slim design that allows for this technology, as well as specs that should mean good picture quality. It’s not as well-equipped as the HX820, as you’d expect – the NX720 only has a MotionFlow rate of 200 and lacks the Pro moniker for its X-Reality image processing engine.

Additional features are still plentiful for the NX720. You still get 3D and two bundled 3D glasses, plus the same 2D-to-3D processing. The Sony BRAVIA NX720 also has built-in Wi-Fi, like the HX820 and HX925, so you don’t have to run an Ethernet network cable in your living room just to access the TV’s web capabilities.

The same Sony Internet TV and BRAVIA Internet Video features as more expensive models can be found in the BRAVIA NX720 series. Especially given that Wi-Fi is built into the NX720, this TV range seems like a good way to get a versatile LED TV without breaking the bank.

There are three Sony BRAVIA NX720 models available – the $3499 (55-inch) Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX720, the $2699 (46-inch) Sony BRAVIA KDL-46NX720 and the $2199 Sony BRAVIA KDL-NX720 US Dollars (40 inches).

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