How to load your dishwasher (properly)


If your glassware is cracking at the end of the cycle and your dishes still have pieces, you may not be loading your dishwasher properly. Here’s the best advice on how to get the most out of a wash.

By the way, if your dishwasher often doesn’t produce clean dishes after normal use, check out our article on how to care for your dishwasher. If you follow all the tips and the performance still doesn’t improve, then unfortunately it’s time to shop.

If your device isn’t working properly, it’s probably also using power. You might think you’re frugal, but in the long run, a poorly performing device will cost you money.

Before loading the dishwasher

The most contentious issue of dishwasher ownership, and the catalyst for many festive family arguments, is whether or not to prewash. We can definitely say that unless you have a very old dishwasher, there is no need to wash items before loading them. It just wastes water. Your dishwasher washes dishes much more efficiently than you do.

However, what you should do is scrape any leftover food into your trash can. This also avoids having to clear your sink regularly.

On the top grate

Glasses always belong in the upper basket, which was specially developed for items that need to be washed more gently.

People often think that glasses should be clamped over the dishwasher prongs, but that’s not what they’re designed for. Pinching them is just a good way to break a glass. They don’t need to be strapped in like astronauts do to get through a flush unscathed. They should be so far apart on the side slope that they don’t rattle against each other when the program starts.

Place long utensils along the length of the upper basket.

Also place soup and cereal bowls, mugs and wine glasses on the top rack. If you have dishwasher-safe plastic, the top rack is the place to go. Dishwasher safe or not, it may still be warped if near the heating element on the bottom of the appliance.

On the bottom grid

Plates, larger dishes and pots and pans should be placed on the lower rack.

Start with your plates. Don’t make them all face the same direction. Place them top (dirty) side in for maximum water exposure.

Place large slabs on the side or rear of the machine so they don’t block the water flow.

Do not place bowls flat on the rack as this can block water flow. Of course, they should be upside down, but fit them into the tines so that they are slanted. Not only will you get cleaner, but water will drain away.

For safety, put the knife blades down in the cutlery basket. Mix the other devices so they don’t nest inside each other.

dishwasher dos

  • Make sure the dispenser is not blocked and that the spray arm can rotate and reach each item.
  • Place everything facing inward to maximize water contact.

Dishwasher not

  • Don’t overload your dishwasher. They will end up just hand washing or going through a second cycle to remove any parts the water couldn’t reach.
  • Do not put items made of wood, cast iron, copper, pewter or bronze in the dishwasher. They rust, discolor or warp in the heat. Also objects with gold or gold leaf should not go inside.
  • Do not put stainless steel and silver next to each other in the dishwasher. They can react chemically with dishwashing liquid and silver ions can detach from the silver and bind to the stainless steel.

Things you can clean in a dishwasher

You can save time cleaning a room by putting all the dishwasher-safe items in for a cycle while you wipe down everything else.

From the bathroom

Place your shower essentials, such as brushes and sponges, on the top shelf of the machine. You can also add your soap dish and toothbrush holder, children’s bath toys, rubber bath mats, hairbrushes and combs (but nothing with wooden handles or natural bristles), and other (dishwasher-safe) plastic and glass containers.

From the kitchen

Tuck in sponges, dishwashing brushes and the containers you keep them in. Make sure the sponge is not filled with detergent as this will foam too much in a dishwasher and can cause problems with bubbling overflow. Extractor hood filters and covers can also be used.

When you clean your fridge, you can put in all the appropriate fridge shelves and crispers.

feeding bowls and rubber toys

This will prevent your dog’s water bowl from turning into a bacteria-infested pond. To be safe, run pet supplies separately from your household dishes and use a sanitize cycle if your dishwasher has one.

cleaning supplies

Dust pans, vacuum cleaner attachments and other sturdy plastic cleaning utensils can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Things that don’t belong in the dishwasher

While some of the following items can technically go in the dishwasher, doing so will greatly reduce their lifespan. When it comes to valuables that you want to keep as good as new, hand washing is the way to go.

  • wooden utensils
  • Kitchen knives: The dishwasher can dull the blades
  • Non-stick and ceramic cookware: The non-stick coating can be damaged
  • Insulating mugs or water bottles: These must not be put in the dishwasher under any circumstances, as the insulating ability can be completely destroyed by a hot wash
  • Anything with a rubber gasket: The heat of a dishwasher can warp rubber, even if it’s labeled dishwasher safe
  • High-quality glass or special glass: Wash by hand if there are printed measurement levels, painted motifs, frosted glass or crystal glass
  • Baking Sheets: Cake tins and sheets for Yorkshire Pudding
  • Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware: ‘Season’ is a layer of oil that is destroyed in the dishwasher and leads to rust
  • Melamine or acrylic tableware sets: These wear out quickly if they are not hand washed

As a final note, I keep reading about the hack, which involves cooking a salmon fillet in a dishwasher. just don’t let us We live in strange times, it’s true. But let’s not make it worse.

If your dishwasher is nearing the end of its life and you’re considering replacing it, we’ve reviewed both a full-size integrated dishwasher, the Hisense HV651D60DEand a slim model that Neff N50 Slimline S875HKX20G which has intelligent functions.

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