How To Switch Your Broadband Provider


It might seem like a hassle to switch from one broadband provider to another, but it’s surprisingly easy. Also, it’s usually the best way to get the best value for your money. Customer loyalty doesn’t seem to count for much these days, so it pays to become a bit of a mercenary when it comes to subscription-based services. Here’s how to switch your broadband and find the best packages and speeds available in your area.

Check if you don’t have a contract

Before changing providers, check whether an existing contract has expired. Broadband contracts typically run for 18 or 24 months and if you try to exit before that time, you will be hit with early exit fees. These can be quite expensive, so be sure to speak to your provider to confirm that you are free to switch providers without incurring any financial penalties.

There are some exceptions. If you do not receive the service promised when you signed up, e.g. B. the minimum download speeds guaranteed by many providers, you may be able to terminate the contract early without the fee. For example, Sky Broadband puts a minimum speed on every plan, and if your connection falls below that for three days in a row and Sky can’t fix the problem within 30 days, you can cancel the contract. Similar guarantees are offered by other providers, so be sure to read your contact to see if you have an easy escape route.

Choose a new supplier

Once you are confident that you can cancel your existing contract, you should check what alternatives are available. Depending on where you live, you may find that super-fast fiber optic connections are available, which can greatly improve your internet experience, or that much cheaper packages are offered to attract new customers. A good place to start is with our roundups of the best broadband deals, best broadband for streaming and fastest broadband services.

It’s common these days to get fiber broadband without the need for a landline. As long as you live in an area where fiber service is available, this can be a way to get a faster connection and save a little money in the process (although the old landline rental fee is usually factored into the cost of broadband Service).

How to switch broadband providers

Here’s the good part. Switching between providers is very easy. Once you find the new service you want to use, that provider will contact your existing one and arrange to transfer the connection on your behalf. You will receive emails or text messages from both parties letting you know how the switch is progressing, as well as a notification of any outstanding bills you need to pay to complete the process.

If your current provider is Virgin Media, you’ll need to speak to both parties to try and overlap installing and shutting down the existing service so you don’t end up with a gap in your internet access.

How much does it cost to change broadband provider?

As long as you don’t have a contract, the cost shouldn’t be too high. You’ll have to pay for every part of the month you’ve used the current service, not to mention the cost of calls if you have that as part of your package. Some providers require a 30-day cancellation period, so check if this is the case with yours.

That being said, there may be charges for activating or setting up the new service, but this should be spelled out clearly in the plan details so you know before you sign up.

How long does it take to switch broadband providers?

As mentioned above, some providers require a 30-day notice period to end service. So plan this into your schedule. As for the new connection, it varies, but usually everything is ready in about two weeks if all goes well.

Also consider switching your mobile operator as not only do you often get deals that include this in your broadband contract, but the best deals are often withheld from new customers. So, take advantage of this bad corporate practice by moving every time your contract expires. Here’s a guide to the best phone network providers in the UK.

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