How to turn web pages into ebooks you can read on Kindle


Some articles on websites are really long. That’s a good thing, but it can make them awkward to read. What if you could turn them into e-books and read them on your Kindle or phone using the Kindle app?

A long time ago I looked at the Readability Extension for Google Chrome and this is a great way to remove the distracting elements from a webpage and leave only the content. It makes articles on websites easy to read.

The extension still works and it’s better than ever. It removes unnecessary web junk and not only displays it on the screen but can also send it to your Kindle account on Amazon so that it can be read like an e-book on your Kindle or any phone, tablet or computer with the Kindle app can be read.

It’s a brilliant feature to use when you find great content on the internet. You can build a library of great documents that you can read anytime and never lose.

1 Get the Readability extension

Go to the Chrome Web Store with Google Chrome and install the Readability extension.

The Readability Chrome Extension

2 Clean web pages

Go to a website and find an article you want to read.

press the legibility button on the toolbar and click on it read now.

The Readability Chrome Extension

The page is updated with a cleaner, simpler, and more readable display. Before and after using readability, take a look at this page:

The Readability Chrome extension cleans websites and removes ads

This is a great feature, and websites are cleaner, simpler, and more readable, but it’s not the only feature.

3 Sign in to Amazon

Go to the Amazon website and log in to your account.

Go to your account page and scroll down until you come to digital contentt section.

click Manage your content and devices.

Your Amazon account settings

4 Amazon settings

Choose settings Tab and scroll down the page.

In which Archiving personal documents section, make sure Archiving is enabled.

Below is a list of email addresses that are allowed to send documents to your Kindle device or phone app. Add

Your Amazon account settings

5 Get your email

Just above that is the settings page Send to Kindle email settings. Every time you buy a Kindle, phone, or tablet and install the app, you get an email address like this. You may have several.

If an email is sent from an address on the approved list (step 4 above) with an attached document to one of those email addresses, they will appear on your Kindle or phone/tablet app.

Your Amazon account settings

It doesn’t matter what device or email address is used, because sooner or later they will all be synchronized, so the document can be read on any of them.

6 Send for readability

Go back to surfing the web. Suppose you see a great article on a website and you want to save it for later and read it on your Kindle/phone/tablet. Click the Readability button and select Send to Kindle.

If this is your first time doing this, you will be asked to enter an email address. Use one from step 5 above (your, not mine obviously).

The Readability Extension for Chrome sends pages to Kindle

Next time it will already be set up and the item will be shipped immediately. You can also right-click the icon and select Options, then Kindle Settings. Enter one of your Kindle email addresses. (Unlike regular email addresses, only emails from your approved senders get through, everything else goes down a black hole.)

Readability extension for Chrome settings

7 Read on Kindle

A minute or two after you send a webpage to your Kindle, it’s ready to be read. The device/app will sync automatically, but if you don’t see the new item you can force a sync. Here is the result running on a Kindle Fire HD tablet.

eBook on Kindle Fire HD

Obviously this isn’t useful for very short articles, but it’s great for long articles with lots of text that you want to save for later reading or reference.

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