How to watch the Oppo Find X5 launch


Today Oppo is launching its flagship line of phones, the Oppo Find X5 series. Oppo fans will find that the X4 series never materialized – that’s because four is an unlucky number in China, Oppo’s home country. Many Chinese phone brands often skip this number in a row.

If you want to know how to tune in to the launch event, learn more about the specs, release date, and pre-order information, then we’ve got everything you need.

When will the Oppo Find X5 be launched?

There is not long to wait because the launch of the Oppo Find X5 takes place today. Thursday 24 February 2022just before the MWC fair.

It will take place worldwide at the following times:

  • 11am GMT (UK)
  • 6 p.m. EST (US East Coast)
  • 3 a.m. PST (US West Coast)
  • 12 p.m. CST (Central Europe)
  • 4:30pm IST (India)

You can add the event to your calendar on Oppo’s events page.

Here’s how to watch the launch of the Oppo Find X5

Oppo will host the event on YouTube. We’ve embedded the live stream below so you can bookmark this page and come back to it when the event airs:

Oppo will also host updates via its Twitter page.

What will Oppo announce when Find X5 launches?

The three phones currently rumored to be announced for launch are the Oppo Find X5 Pro, the regular Oppo Find X5 and the Oppo Find X5 Lite. The Neo model seen in previous lines is currently expected to be skipped this year as far as we know.

But it might not just be phones to watch out for. Oppo may also be launching some new earbuds, a smartwatch and possibly even a tablet, according to the Times of India.

We’re unlikely to hear more about the global release of the foldable Find N (currently exclusive to China), but we can dream.

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