How to watch The Queen’s Speech: Christmas Message is live on TV, radio and online


How to watch the Queen’s Christmas message: She’s back on TV on Christmas Day for her 69th Christmas speech. How to watch The Queen’s Speech live

Do you remember that scene from the Christmas episode of Bottom Right? If not, you should check it out because it’s the absolute best. And there’s a part that rings true to this day.

Richie: “Hold that finger right there, young man, no one in this house is watching TV until the Queen’s speech is on!”

Eddy: “But it’s Noel’s Christmas family video accidents!”

Richie: “I don’t care, we’re English here and we’re going to celebrate Christmas properly. Alright? Well, unless there’s a Bond film on, of course.

While the rules aren’t quite as strictly enforced as they were in this run-down Hammersmith flat in the early 1990s, the Queen’s Speech, or The Queen’s Christmas Message as it’s now known, still holds a lot of meaning for millions across Britain.

Here’s how to watch the Queen’s Christmas message.

Queen’s Christmas Message channel and start time

The Queen’s Speech can be seen live on BBC One, ITV, Sky One and Sky News on Saturday 25 December. You can also listen to them on BBC Radio 4 if you’d rather turn off the TV. For the mobile lovers, it will be streamed live on the official Royal Family Channel on YouTube.

It is traditionally broadcast at 3 p.m. and should last about ten minutes.

Queen’s Christmas message theme

We’ve had no indication of what the head of state will be discussing during his annual Christmas message, but it hasn’t been a great year for her. She has lost her husband, her own health has been in question throughout the year and the family itself continues to grapple with negative headlines and general unrest. It hasn’t been the best year for the rest of the nation either, so we might buck up a bit to 2022.

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