Interview: signs esports partnership with Birmingham City FC


Tournament hosting and video sharing platform, has announced a partnership with the EFL Championship Football Club Birmingham City FC.

As a result of the deal, will work with Birmingham City over the course of two years to build a new esports team for the club and to host tournaments and bootcamps.

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ESI spoke with Ultimos CMO, Ben Hustedfor a glimpse into the partnership, the platform’s ideology, and the company’s plans for the future. started as a hosting company for esports events over four years ago and has come on a journey that has endowed them with a unique mindset and the courage to act.

The platform celebrated the release of its cryptocurrency token in early July and saw an initial surge of over 13,000 holders in its first month. The company has now followed suit by signing a major esports partnership with Birmingham City FC (BCFC).

Bring esports to Birmingham City

Husted said, “This is an official esports partnership with Birmingham City. . . and what that will bring is a full 360 esports offering for BCFC. ”

This includes establishing the club’s own eSports team, training bootcamps for the eSports industry and offline tournaments, and even sponsoring a stand at St. Andrew’s Stadium in Birmingham.

“Working with them was an absolute dream,” added Husted. “They really understand our vision and where we want to go with eSports. … was [going to be] a real extension of the club, offering them activation initiatives outside of matchday. “

Husted praised the club’s approach, saying that Birmingham “really got the idea” and was “collaborative from the start”. He was especially grateful for how much the club was willing to trust them. Husted stated, “They really trust us to bring this to their community. We brought a wish list to Birmingham in anticipation of being pushed back – but they totally went for it.

Ben Husted in Ultimo clothing
Ben Husted, CMO and COO at / Source:

“Esports is a household name now – but I think there is a lot to learn there for those who are not gamers. Allow sports teams [non-traditional fans] to understand – they’re part of a team, part of a community, and that’s what we’re trying to build. We were brought in by BCFC to promote that. The possibilities are endless. “

Regarding Ultimo and Birmingham City’s goals for the deal, Husted was also confident that the club wanted to become a “real player in the esports sector”.

He said, “We want to be up there … we really want to be one of the leading esports teams in the traditional sports sector. And for Ultimo … it is world domination. “

Ultimo’s journey

Husted also talked about in general – about the company’s journey and, most importantly, what the platform aims to achieve.

In the early days of the company, when Ultimo was operating as a tournament organizer, Husted described the company’s change of direction.

“We had these different communities in countries that we couldn’t connect. So we switched to the digital side so we could [do that],” he said. So the team started led by co-founders William Henry and Tobias Gooden, on the way to building his tournament, streaming and video sharing platform:

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These experiences also led Ultimo to create something else: a new ideology for the esports and streaming scene. Husted realized that “the industry is broken”.

He continued, “It’s very similar to other entertainment industries, where only the top two percent earns the top five percent.”

“We want to give all gamers and content creators the chance to make money. The way we do this is through the platform. What we’re doing is rewarding people … for interacting with the community – we don’t hide anything behind payment gateways, we charge 0 percent commission on streams, there is no awkward algorithm that means you have to pay money or become one Partner to get some views. “

In addition to its plans with Birmingham City, Ultimo has ambitions to revolutionize the video streaming and sharing market currently dominated by YouTube and Twitch. In addition, the gigantic size of the task has no phase of being husted. He believes the platform can do that.

“Our ethos and our mission are true for every player out there. We’re very ambitious, but I think that ambition sounds true and we can do it, ”added Husted.

“We’re here to disrupt the industry,” Ben told ESI, “it’s broken – and we believe we can fix it.”

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