Is Fortnite better without building?


Towards the end of March, Epic Games removed the building from Fortnite. It was a dramatic change that essentially turned Fortnite into a completely different game. For the past five years, players of the popular battle royale game have relied entirely on the ability to win their games, even at the highest level of Fortnite esports. As change swept the world, players on a global scale wondered Why did Fortnite remove the building??

Ultimately, it was a temporary change and many believed it was an April Fool’s joke. However, in response to the mixed reception of the change, Epic Games decided to split the difference entirely. Today you have the option to play traditional Fortnite by completely building up the mechanics, or by removing it by playing with a ground-floor playstyle. It’s the perfect solution for an equal parts jubilant and devastating change to Fortnite.

Now let’s answer another important question – Fortnite is better without buildings?

Why did Fortnite remove buildings?


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It is important to emphasize that technically Fortnite did not remove buildings… At least not entirely. It was a temporary measure that brought millions of users back into the game, especially given the mixed views on building. For some, it’s an enticing mechanism that can mean the difference between winning and losing – and sometimes that can bring about financial change. For example, at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, building was a crucial mechanic that allowed Bugha to win the largest single prize in esports history…

When Fortnite removed the building, it was something of an experiment. This was Epic Games testing the waters and figuring out whether or not people would enjoy a building-free game mode. It turned out to be a relative success, with many high-profile developers returning to the battle royale to try it out. Most people were excited about the change, claiming to be enjoying Fortnite “for the first time in years.”

Typically Fortnite’s building mechanics can be overwhelming as new users don’t pick up the practice fast enough to keep up. When you’re up against an experienced player, you’ll fire off a shot and within seconds you’ll be faced with a tower soaring high into the sky. For some players it’s too much to contend with, and the slower, more grounded pace of no-build Fortnite is just easier for some players to appreciate.

Is Fortnite better without buildings?

There is no doubt that Fortnite is by far the most popular battle royale title ever. It’s the pioneer of the genre and has sat firmly at the top of the chart for more than five years. It has given way to Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Fall Guys, setting them on the path to success. If it is better without building or not is a mostly subjective question, and it’s one that divides the community in the middle.

While many players enjoyed no-build Fortnite, there was an equal group who refused to play unless they could build in-game. Of course, not being able to please everyone is a simple process. Ultimately, No-Build Fortnite turned out to be such a success that Zero Build Mode has become an integral part of Fortnite.

However, it doesn’t take away from traditional Fortnite as you can still enjoy this experience at the touch of a button. It’s Fortnite as you know and love it, but with an added extra feature.

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