KRÜ Esports’ Mairel Lluch discusses the org’s growth plans


The name KRÜ Esports Industry headlines last October when Manchester Citys Sergio ‘Kun’ AguEro was announced as the founder and CEO of the newly formed organization.

The Agüero organization joins the growing number of football players entering esports and has quickly risen in a number of titles and has earned the admiration of fans. In an interview in November 2020, Agüero told the ESI sister brand: The Esports Journal: “To be clear, KRÜ is not a hobby. We are an organization that wants to grow and become a club that the fans will cheer on. “

While the ORG’s VALORANT squad fights for glory and honor for the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Stage 3: Masters in Berlin, KRÜ Esports Project manager, Mariel Lluch, spoke with Esports Insider about the growth, successes and plans of the organization for the future.

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[ESI Illustration] Photo credit: KRÜ Esports

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Esports Insider: How do you rate the growth of KRÜ Esports in the last 12 months? Does it meet your expectations or did it exceed expectations?

Mariel Lluch: It was a very intense month for us. We’re not even a year old and we will be on October 15th. Without a doubt, it was all very positive. Our goal was to build a team from scratch, with professionals in every area, but not necessarily eSports specialists who also nourished us with different points of view.

When I think of sport at KRÜ, I would say that in the last few months we have managed to establish ourselves as a remarkable regional organization thanks to the performance of our FIFA and VALORANT teams. This goes hand in hand with wonderful work by the staff and players in both groups.

We set our goals early on in the project and I firmly believe that we have exceeded them. We kick off with a few games in order to have time to organize the different work teams and to take firm steps right from the start.

I did not expect other organizations to have such good opinions about our work, and we are still very happy about that.

Sergio 'Kun' Aguero
Pictured: Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero. Photo credit: KRÜ Esports

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ESI: How has LATAM’s esports scene developed since KRÜ was launched, have you noticed any changes in the region?

ML: We have always said that we want to join the great work that many organizations have already done, not just in Argentina but across the region. We are entering a time of rapid growth in the region.

I think the pandemic in some ways also helped make all the work behind the esports and entertainment industry massively visible. Many people discovered that behind playing a particular game was competition scenes and a whole new world.

ESI: KRÜ has once again secured qualification for a VCT Masters event, how important do you think it is to ensure the competitive and commercial success of the organization?

ML: From a competitive point of view, qualifying for LAN events gave us many opportunities to compete with the best, to see how they train and work. The VALORANT team made very good use of this and did nothing else than improve its performance, tournament after tournament.

From a commercial point of view, the exposure we get from these events is enormous. It gives us the ability to generate different types of content that bring us more brands closer to us.

ESI: What are KRÜ’s immediate plans when it comes to other esports titles?

ML: As of today we have a new title that we want to get into before we are a year old. As with the two previous games, we will give the new team time to get to know each area of ​​KRÜ and how we work.

At the same time, we will work on all the previous steps before we are expected to present another new game in early 2022.

In the picture: KRÜ Esports VALORANT teams qualify for VCT Stage 3: Masters in Berlin. Image source: KRÜ Esports

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ESI: Given the rise in mobile esports in LATAM, is this a sector that KRÜ is studying?

ML: Yes, definitely. Mobile esports are of our interest and have been in our sights from the start. This year we couldn’t be part of the competition calendar, but we will be there in 2022.

ESI: What has been the most difficult situation KRÜ has faced since the organization was founded?

ML: The trips were definitely a challenge. Much more if we take into account the context of the pandemic. On the other hand, with organizations that have been on the scene for so many years, we watch a lot how they deal with their content and others, and that forces us in one way or another to be up to date.

ESI: Given the organization’s great start, what are some of the top goals for KRÜ over the next five years?

ML: We plan to open our gaming center in Buenos Aires this year. It will be an area of ​​almost 800 square meters, where not only our teams can train and prepare for tournaments, but also the employees to work with our sponsors, generate content and develop promotions. Our clothing line will also go hand in hand with the online shop that we will hopefully launch very soon.

If 2021 was a year of adjustment, we hope that 2022 consolidates everything we have achieved so far and allows us to develop our plans.

When I imagine KRÜ in the next five years, we hope to consolidate what our CEO Sergio Agüero said at the introduction: “To be a bridge that connects LATAM with Europe and gives promising young people the opportunity to develop and to fulfill their dream represent their region in the world. “

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