Lazarus Group getting blamed for Axie hack saves Sky Mavis


Towards the end of March, we spoke about the theft of over $600 million worth of NFT in one of the most popular NFT games, Axie Infinity. A full-time investigation has been underway ever since, and recently the FBI decided to share some of his thoughts with the news.

Fingers have been pointed at a large “boogeyman” and Sky Mavis, the target of this attack, is suddenly back in our favor.

Axie Hack Sky Mavis

The FBI is targeting the Lazarus Group

During a recent statement, the FBI said they were able to confirm this Lazarus group and APT38 (linked to DPRK) are responsible for the theft of $620 million in Ethereum reported on March 29th. Making such a statement is a pretty big deal, especially when the allegation falls on “someone” close to Kim Jon Un.

Any time someone is targeted by the Lazarus Group, we tend to forgive the breach of “security” because the organization is so productive and successful.

Who is the Lazarus Group?

The cybercrime group, which consists of unknown members, is said to be run directly by the North Korean state. It has been around since 2009, but interestingly not much is known about this organization. They are known for being responsible for some of the biggest cyber attacks in recent years and the $620 million Axie Infinity heist might not be their greatest achievement as there could have been scenarios that the public is not even aware of .

Remember that Lazarus was probably behind this WannaCry ransomware and three separate bank robberies.

Could Sky Mavis have done anything about the attack?

If another group were responsible for the attack, people would likely blame Axie Infinity’s creators, Sky Mavis, for their inability to create an insecure system. However, since the Lazarus group managed to bridge the gap to their game and steal the valuable NFTs, they honestly couldn’t do much about it. The Lazarus Group is a pretty capable organization, and all the bad press Sky Mavis has received is null and void in light of this latest statement from the FBI.

Honestly, the bad press Axie and Sky Mavis have been getting has been a bit over the top lately. Knowing that the hack was performed by a prolific villain indicates at least malicious intent and competent ability to perform a hack. All the people who assumed that some random person logged in with “password” as a password and just walked off with the goods now realize that hacking validator nodes is no easy task.

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