Liquid favored, EG and C9 in tight race at LCS Lock-In 2022


The semi-final phase of LCS Lock-In has been determined. Would is facing TeamLiquid and Evil Geniuses To meet cloud 9 in a blockbuster competition. Both games will be played in best-of-five series.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the games along with LoL betting suggestions.

LCS EG 2022 roster

Eg | fiverr

Dignitas vs. Team Liquid

Dignitas had an interesting run-up to this stage of the tournament. First, they finished fourth in Group B with a 1-3 record, which tied them against 100 Thieves who finished at the top of Group A. Dignitas completed a spectacular upset by defeating 100 Thieves without dropping a card in the Quarterfinals.

There was no such excitement in the second quarter as Team Liquid defeated FlyQuest by justification and expectation 2-0 to qualify for the semifinals. Team Liquid have now won three games in a row which will give them a lot of confidence and momentum. These are not irrelevant factors, because in a format like this, slight differences in these characteristics can actually be differentiating factors.

Liquid is the big favorite in this semifinal against Dignitas. So much so that it might not make sense to back Liquid as an outright winner because the risk-to-reward ratio just isn’t lucrative enough. Since this is a best of five, there are other betting options to consider. One such market that seems to be quite compelling is the handicap.

Assisting Team Liquid to win in even maps, ie liquid -2.5 (map handicap) at Betway gets you x1.90 in return. The risk/reward ratio is much better there and that would be where I would be for this particular semi-final.

Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9

In the other semi-final, Evil Geniuses face off against a rejuvenated Cloud9 team. C9 finished second in Group A with a 3-1 record and then beat Counter Logic Gaming in a crucial third map of the quarter. The middle and bottom lanes were expertly monitored by Fudge and Zven, respectively.

Fudge has 4.86 kills with 1.71 deaths and 6.29 assists with a 6.5 KDA and a 296 creep score, while Zven has been almost as good offensively, with 4.57 kills, 2, 29 deaths and 5.57 assists per card with a KDA of 4.44 and a creep score of 292.71.

However, Evil Geniuses are pretty big favorites in this match, and with good reason. They have a roster that has been a little more consistent. They were also unbeaten at that tournament, finishing Group B with a 4–0 record before edging past Golden Guardians in straight maps in the quarterfinals.

Four out of five players on the EG roster have managed at least four kills per map in this tournament, indicating the all-around depth of this team. Still, I would say that the odds 1.40 on EG are a bit too low. Cloud9 can always find their rhythm and offensive fluidity, which could help them win more than just a map.

Again, I would turn to the map handicap. Cloud9 in order not to lose by two or more cards or Cloud9 +2.5 (Card Handicap) is the bet I would make. At Betway you have chances of x1.75 for this result, which is quite lucrative given the skills on the lanes Cloud9 seems to have found prior to the Spring Split.

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