London Spitfire in a pinch for players close to season start


The Overwatch League is currently gearing up for its fifth and final season, but it seems like teams have yet to finalize their final rosters amid retirements and controversy. With most pros still playing with the Overwatch 2 beta that will be in action, some teams still have revenue. Most recently, Prov1de was dropped by London Spitfire. This is not due to retirement, but to the behavior of Prov1de. Here’s what happened to the player and the team:

London Spitfire OWL

London Spitfire releases Prov1de

London Spitfire just announced that they will be releasing Owen “supply” Warner from their roster just weeks before the start of the season. He was part of Spitfire’s main team and that’s a blow to the team. Unfortunately, the reasons for the bans aren’t very encouraging either. Spitfire issued a statement explaining why the player was fired:

“We were recently made aware of a breach of the Code of Conduct involving one of our contract players. Following the results of an internal investigation, we have amicably parted ways with Prov1de with immediate effect.”

The player’s release will occur just before the start of the season, within a month of May 5thth Publication date. The player’s release for violating the code of conduct seems fairly specifically linked to some recent allegations. These were directed at the player, claiming he was dating someone who was a minor at the time. The tweet included Discord screenshots to explain the grooming allegations.

It appears that Spitfire looked at these allegations separately and came to a clear conclusion. This is probably why Prov1de was dropped from the roster. However, it is the second time the player has been dropped for misconduct.

In the past, he was banned from LA Valiant for saying racial slurs. He claimed to have retired from Overwatch after that, before reemerging through the Challengers League. This looks like the final stop for Prov1de, but it wouldn’t be the first time a team has completely ignored their past misconduct.

Spitfire’s roster is incomplete as OWL 2022 launch looms

Overwatch League teams are currently preparing for the start of a new season. It’s supposed to start in May, so we won’t have to wait long. London Spitfire haven’t been at the top of the game in recent seasons and another loss in their squad is unlikely to help. However, with major changes in the game and league, it’s possible that a newer roster is just what Spitfire needs to turn things around.

They have a decent gap to fill their new roster ahead of the start of the 2022 season. We’ve also seen a lot of retirements lately, like Super retiring from Overwatch. With the game transitioning to a new build of Overwatch 2 with big changes like a 5v5 format, it’s not too surprising to see more players retiring. In particular, the loss of Prov1de puts London in the difficult position of fielding five players and a single assist in Oliver “Admiral” Vahar.

With so much uncertainty surrounding rosters, comps, and meta, the team must act quickly to salvage the already difficult situation. We hope the team and league recover from this mishap and we can finally enjoy a solid OWL season.

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