M3 World Championship: Full roster of every team competing


The much-anticipated M3 World Championship is about to begin.

Moonton has released the official list of the 16 participating teams in the tournament.

These teams will be fighting for the lion’s share of the $800,000 prize pool and the right to be named the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team in the world.

Here is the complete list of all teams participating in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Cambodia Season 1 Champions (MPL KH Season 1), SeeYouSoon
Source: SeeYouSoon Facebook page

SeeYouSoon is Cambodia’s sole representative at the M3 World Championship. Known for her explosive plays, SeeYouSoon is undeniably a dark horse going into the tournament.

Squad of the SeeYouSoon M3 World Championship

example gold laner
To run gold laner
Felix EXP laner
Boxi walker
houv jungler
embers mid laner

Red canids

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Brazil Season 1 (MPL BR Season 1) Team, RED Canids Kalunga
Credit: MPL Brazil

Red Canids surprised many when they defeated powerhouse Keyd Stars in the inaugural MPL Brazil Season 1. Now they’re off to test their limits as they compete against other regions.

Red Canids M3 World Championship squad

Luna walker
Oopaa gold laner
Akashi EXP laner
frost mid laner
Jump style jungler
xManiac mid laner

Encrypted Stars

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL BR representative, Vivo Keyd

Despite losing to Red Canids at MPL Brazil Season 1, Keyd Stars is still a major threat on the scene.

Some of their members like Mayke, Luiiz and Cabral were Brazil’s representatives at the last M2 World Championship, previously with DreamMax E-Sports, a testament to how dominant they are in the Brazilian MLBB scene.

Keyd Stars M3 World Championship Lineup

Maike EXP laner
Prime mid laner
Tekashi gold laner
Luizz mid laner
King walker
flash multipurpose

Evo’s SG

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Singapore Season 2 (MPL SG Season 2) EVOS SG Victory Poster
Photo credit: EVOS Esports

EVOS SG has been a fixture on the international scene at every MLBB World Championship since M1.

With a refreshed roster heading into the M3 World Championship, it’ll be exciting to see how they stack up against some up-and-coming teams in their group like BloodThirstyKing (BTK) and SeeYouSoon this time around.

Line-up of the EVOS SG M3 World Championship

.Potato jungler
.JPL walker
.Adammir gold laner
Gear. EXP laner
Seilah mid laner
Smoky EXP laner


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Singapore Season 2 (MPL SG Season 2) Team, RSG SG Squad
Photo credit: MPL SG

RSG SG is a team we all know and love. Veteran Mobile Legends players like ly4ly4ly4 and Jason still compete under the RSG banner and still surprise many with their quick but calculated plays.

RG SG M3 World Championship Squad

.Lolsie walker
sana mid laner
ly4ly4ly4 jungler
jason gold laner
Diablo EXP laner
.baby cake EXP laner

Team SMG

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 8 (MPL MY Season 8) Champion, Team SMG
Photo credit: MPL Malaysia

Before acquiring SaSa from ONIC Esports and Jamesss, the head coach of RRQ Hoshi, Team SMG struggled to make the playoffs and was always at the bottom of the standings.

Now they are the strongest team in Malaysia and defeated fan favorite Todak in the grand finals of MPL MY Season 8. Will they continue their winning streak at the M3 World Championship or will JJ Lin’s Mobile Legends team crumble at the hands of international teams?

Team SMG M3 World Championship Lineup

SaSa gold laner
Longing gold laner
Smooth EXP laner
wynn jungler
XpDEA walker
ZAIMSEMPOI mid laner


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship MPL MY Team, Todak
Credit: Mobile Legends Esports

Todak is arguably the most popular MLBB professional team in Malaysia. They previously won MPL MY Season 6 with a perfect record.

They may have slowed down in recent seasons, but there’s no denying the team still has a strong foundation and attitude to win all the time.

Roster of the Todak M3 World Championship

CikuGais jungler
mummy EXP laner
moon mid laner
Ajiq jungler
Yummy walker
4Meyz gold laner

GX Squad

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship M3 Arabia Major Qualifier, GX Squad
Credit: Mobile Legends Esports

GX Squad is the latest team to qualify for the M3 World Championship via the M3 Arabia Major.

If there’s one advantage they have in the tournament, it’s the fact that not much is known about how they play and what their current meta is.

Lineup of the GX Squad M3 World Championship

Amuni EXP Laner/Jungler/Roamer
Fuji Jungler/Midlaner
Yato mid laner
dantee Midlaner/Jungler
Daroo7 EXP Laner/Gold Laner
Hisk Hiker/Jungler


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship M3 North American Qualifier, BloodThirstyKing
Credit: Mobile Legends Esports

BTK (BloodThirstyKing) is led by popular streamer MobaZane. The team conquered the North American scene this year, winning all of the community tournaments and eventually the M3 North American Qualifier.

The team has been around for years and their chemistry in the Land of Dawn is second to none.

BTK M3 World Championship Squad

Oscar walker
winner gold laner
FwydChicken EXP laner
MobaZane jungler
ZIA mid laner

Malvinas Gaming

Mobile Legends: Malvinas Gaming, Winner of Bang Bang M3 World Championship Latam Championship 2021
Credit: Mobile Legends Esports

Malvinas Gaming ascended the throne of Latam Championship 2021 and will represent the region at the upcoming M3 World Championship.

Placed in Group A, they will face some of the tournament’s toughest teams, such as MPL PH’s powerhouse Blacklist International and MPL BR’s Red Canids. It’s a tough task, but Malvinas Gaming has the potential to surprise.

Malvinas Gaming M3 World Championship squad

Harle mid laner
quinn jungler
Stephen walker
Xing EXP laner
Eidrian gold laner


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang new team for M3 World Championship, NAVI
Photo credits: NAVI and Moonton

When Deus Vult won the Mobile Legends Mythic League CIS and qualified for the M3 World Championship, Navi jumped at the opportunity to take over the team.

Navis members like Sawo, Sunset and Lil are no strangers to the World Championship having competed in every iteration since M1. Their aggressive style of play is sure to amaze onlookers early in the group stage.

List of Navi M3 World Championship

small gold laner
Sunset lover mid laner
Nagib EXP laner
defender EXP laner
SAWO walker


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship Mobile Legends Turkey Championship 2021, Bedel
Credit: Mobile Legends Esports

Much like the Middle East’s GX Squad, Bedel is a newcomer to the international MLBB scene. They dominated the Mobile Legends Turkey Championship 221 to secure their spot at the M3 World Championship.

Bedel M3 World Championship Squad

extraterrestrial gold laner
Asmo walker
Further away mid laner
Kazue jungler
Yunshi EXP laner

Black List International

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 8 (MPL PH Season 8) Master Blacklist International
Photo credit: Blacklist International

MPL PH’s back-to-back champion is one of the favorites to win it all. Despite losing to ONIC Esports in the Grand Finals of ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2021 (MPLI 2021), Blacklist International is reliable in the game and plays with a lot of discipline and cohesion.

List of blacklisted international M3 world championships

OhMyV33nus mid laner
wise jungler
OHEB gold laner
Edward EXP laner
Hadji walker
Dex Star mid laner


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL PH S8, ONIC PH
Photo credit: ONIC PH

ONIC PH underwent a massive roster adjustment prior to the start of MPL PH Season 8. Perhaps one of the biggest is Baloyskie’s return to ONIC PH after two seasons playing with Aura PH.

It was worth the risk as they were able to blast through the upper bracket but ultimately lost to Blacklist International from the lower bracket.

Still, ONIC PH is a force to be reckoned with and will definitely grab the headlines once the group stage begins.

ONIC PH M3 World Championship Lineup

Markyyy gold laner
Kairi jungler
beemo walker
Dlarskie EXP laner
Baloyskie mid laner
hate gold laner

ONIC Esports

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 8 (MPL ID Season 8) Champion ONIC Esports
Credit: MPL Indonesia

ONIC Esports is now in full swing after winning MPL ID Season 8 and ONE Esports’ MPLI 2021. The team has been going through a rough patch in previous seasons but managed to put all the pieces together this year since Butsss stepped into MPL ID Season 7.

Now ONIC Esports is ready to claim the Grand Slam by trying to win the trophy at the M3 World Championship as well.

Lineup of the ONIC Esports M3 World Championship

SANZ jungler
Butss EXP laner
Kiboy walker
cw gold laner
Drian mid laner
Sir Lans Jungler/Gold Laner

RRQ Hoshi

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL ID S8, RRQ Hoshi
Credit: MPL ID

Despite losing the MPL ID Season 8 Grand Finals against ONIC Esports and Blacklist International at ONE Esports MPLI 2021, RRQ Hoshi is still a juggernaut on the Mobile Legends competitive scene.

Now the King of Kings will once again test his might as he takes on the best of the best in the M3 World Championship.

RRQ Hoshi M3 World Championship Lineup

vynnn walker
Clayyy mid laner
xinn gold laner
Alberttt jungler
R7 EXP laner
Skylar gold laner

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