Matt Shaw explains PUMA’s esports strategy on ESI Focus #1


Right in the first episode of ESI focusone of three new podcasts launched by Esports Insider at ESI Network features host Adam Fitch Matt Shawthe eSports lead for major sportswear brands PUMA.

As part of the podcast’s current focus on apparel, it felt necessary to include Shaw as PUMA continually seeks to increase its esports involvement through partnerships with organizations such as Cloud9, Gen.G Esports and ORDER.

In addition to deepening the strategic partnerships the brand has forged in recent months, Shaw discusses the ethos behind PUMA’s foray into esports, how the brand will be active in the industry for the foreseeable future, the need to explore bespoke performance and create equipment for professional players and more.

ESI Focus is not only hosted on YouTube, but is also available on all major podcast platforms. See you next week this time for the next apparel episode!

ESI Focus is part of the ESI Network, a collection of podcasts spanning the esports industry. For general conversations with key people and stakeholders in esports, see ESI Insight. For a weekly breakdown of the key developments and why they matter, ESI Digest is the series for you.

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