Metal Gear Social Media Account Newly Appears, Reigniting Rumours


After a sea of ​​unfounded rumours, the presence of a new Metal Gear social media account has many of us curious. taken me

But what could his sudden appearance mean?

Also, many of the current rumors surrounding an upcoming Metal Gear game haven’t come up with anything concrete.

In any case, the path of investigation has suddenly hit a dead end, with nothing substantial to present despite a handful of promising leads.

With that in mind, today’s story comes as a bit of a surprise. Now there’s no question that the demand for a new installment, or rather a resurgence of a bygone classic, is significant.

Despite this, no official announcement has been made after all this time. That makes this newly created Metal Gear social media account all the more intriguing.

However you rely on it, the existence of a Metal Gear social media account has left many of IP’s die-hard fan base completely baffled. And for a very good reason.

So, without further delay, let’s travel deep into the holy of holies of matter. In a desperate attempt to uncover the truth about today’s exciting topic, I hope we can all find some closure.

You mean METAL GEAR?!? I really hope so, Snake. I will definitely do it.

metal gears

Metal Gear | social media account Twitter

Speculations about the existence of several future Metal Gear projects have increased in recent months. The rumours, although unconfirmed, have been hitting the industry hard for some time.

Besides, such a steady flow of speculation can’t be for nothing, can it?

These rumored projects range from Metal Gear Solid ports to a number of remakes. And even the possibility of a brand new franchise entry. However, the latter option is probably less likely. At least when you factor fan reception into the equation Survive Metal Gear. Ouch!

This left a sore scar on me. Such can never heal completely! But back to the track.

Recently, the presence of an official Metal Gear Twitter account only fanned the flames of speculation. However, via a strangely cryptic tweet. Still, it was enough to get the heart rate up.

The tweet itself, posted by @metalgear, is a reply to another linked account. Which on the surface seems to indicate some Metal Gear-centric news.

At this point, it’s a relatively narrow breadcrumb trail to scramble up. But perhaps the associated account can provide further clues as to what to expect for players.

The tweet reads: “Tom, we talked about this. Please check your codec every morning for meeting updates and evacuations in case of PMC incursions. And we have visitors next week, so clean the vents and make sure all the flags are hung correctly, but don’t touch the C4 this time.”

Metal Gear Social Media

Metal Gear | social media account What could that mean?

If you’re wondering who the recipient is, that would be @TheTomOlsen. Interestingly, this person appears to be a fictional character from the show, with strong ties to it Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty.

Scan her Twitter bio and you’ll witness the words “Maintenance tech in the Big Shell.”

For those in the know, the “Big Shell” was Konami’s primary destination for Metal Gear Solid 2 and served as the backdrop for most of the experience. Also, the account in question will be recreated itself.

Not only that, they’ve been mysteriously tweeting quite frequently lately.

Most relate to The Big Shell in some way. The mere fact that these virtually all have something to do with the iconic venue could hint at a possible MGS2-related announcement.

But at the moment it’s too early to tell.

metal gears tight

Past Metal Gear Solid Rumors

The news of this comes after a string of recent rumours. The main one is 4chan’s claim for a Metal Gear Solid PS5 collection. Which, according to the poster, would offer players the first four Metal Gear Solid games.

Alongside this came the term one Re-release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. But that was a bit more leftfield. But that’s not all. After all, the rumor mill is a vast, almost limitless void of hype.

However, before this rumor circulated, Bluepoint was the subject of controversy. This time, however, it was mainly about a remake of Metal Gear Solid. Of course, despite all these countless claims, we have no official word.

No definitive proof that something is in the works. Also, there’s a chance the person in charge of Metal Gear’s social media account is just joking back and forth a bit.

In that case we would have another impasse. On the other hand, the specific nature of the tweets coupled with both profiles’ connection to Metal Gear Solid could indicate something fruitful is in store for franchise fans. There are many of them!

The good news? Well, we only have to hang around for a week before we find out for sure. On that note, keep us posted. Be assured. We’ll serve you the latest information as soon as it hits the scene.

Something tells me this won’t be the last we hear from Metal Gear. Whatever form its future will take.

As long as it’s not based on pachinko, I’m fine. Fortunately, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about on that front. Fingers crossed.

That concludes today’s topic. What do you think of Metal Gear’s social media account story? Is there something more than meets the eye?

On the other hand, is this just a recent conversation between two accounts associated with Metal Gear Solid? As always, your opinion matters most to us. So please send them below.

I like reading them all.

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